It’s Been a Slice…

You know when you learn a new word and then you hear it everywhere for the next week?

Or when you think you’re pregnant, and you start seeing babies everywhere?

Well, this has been my reality for the last month. 

No no, I’m not pregnant!

The truth is that I’ve been being given numerous signs and even support on a decision to move on from this blog and newsletter.

For the last few months I’ve been working on a project called Yolopalooza. It’s an event I’m putting on here in Toronto that is largely based on my favourite topic and question that’s come out of my work here –

How can we add more fun to our lives?

This blog all started with a desire to learn more about myself and grow as a writer. Well, I feel like I’ve done a lot of that and gotten even more out of it than I could have imagined.

Because of this blog I’ve connected with so many of you around the world and gotten to know some of you more closely as my personal clients. It’s been an honour to be a part of your journey.

But I’m being pulled towards this other work, pretty loudly I must say. It’s come to me in the form of random websites, podcasts and even articles in newspapers that I never read.

I even came across some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten in my whole darn life.

So, I hope you’ll come along with me for this next part.

I’ll even share that ‘best advice ever’ at some point – probably in my first NEW post.

But if finding more fun for your life is not what you need right now and you choose to call it a day with me, that’s cool too. Let me leave you with some parting advice that is my best attempt to sum up what I’ve learned with you these last four years.
(Whenever I get down about being too old or not old enough, I come back to this idea)

Being in your thirties is a privilege not everyone gets to experience. Sometimes it’s hard AF but, if you keep searching, you’ll eventually find answers and begin to see the greatest parts!


With all my love and humblest gratitude,



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What I Did When I Was Sick of Myself

Just a little over a month ago I took a hard look at schedule and my stress level and decided to do something (actually a bunch of things) about it.

I thought it was only how I was scheduling my time but as I looked at it more closely, so much more disgusting puss oozed out of the cracks of my routine.

So ya, I stopped the blog for a while, re-did my website, started a new yoga routine and even started getting up earlier to meditate longer. Oh ya, and I also got serious about eating a strict vegan diet. I call this an ‘Overhaul’ in the Do-over ebook and, let me tell ya, it’s not for the faint of heart!

Thinking I’m indestructible because I know all the strategies and tools that go into making change, I just went for it – full on.

Not smart.

At first I was tired, cranky, uninspired and I knew so many fibres of my being were being challenged and resisting all this change. Then, all I felt like doing was complaining, sleeping, and eating potato chips and wine for dinner – Hey, it’s vegan, right?

I would try to get up early to meditate but I felt so rotten I ended up skipping it all together and hitting the snooze button for another precious twenty-five minutes. Seeing how crap I was at change, it was hard to have faith but I knew I had to keep trying.

Maybe tomorrow, maybe tomorrow. I just prayed for it to be temporary and hope that it was just the initial adjustment stage.

-Weeks later now I’m like, phew!

As usual, the Universe thankfully has stepped in and is now fully supporting my desires once again. Why did I ever doubt her?!

Since finally crawling out from underneath the covers on consecutive mornings I have full-out and gigantically been stating that I needed to change and up my game. And finally, Timing and Coincidence have ushered in a slew of new players into my life – most of whom I’d call “big-time.”

In the last few weeks I’ve met and connected with people who are on a level I didn’t know existed. I thought I was being ballzy, but these people are here to show me how to really get into the game – stand for my business, myself, my peeps and clients.

Not only that but I seem to be finding better than average blogs and websites, and being directed to much better events and richer, vibrant and more flavourful places for a good time.

All of these things are on the outside of me but I’m embracing them, using them as the key to digging deeper in myself and bringing more of myself to the “Grown-up table”.

And I’m thinking of you today. I’m standing up for you and to you by asking: Are you settling for less in your life?  Have you checked in lately on your standards? Is it possible you’ve let things slide and pass for just okay because you’ve lost faith that things           can be better?

If it’s just not enough, I’d love to show you how to up your game, your vibration and your whole entire gigantic and beautiful life…and stick with it!

Get in touch at and find out more at my bigger, badder and bolder site:

I’m Starting to Hate ‘Millennials’ [WARNING: CONTAINS ADULT LANGUAGE]

You may or may not have noticed the radio silence on the blog. I don’t know if anyone is reading anymore, and I don’t really blame you if you aren’t.

I had to take a serious break from being part of this cultural obsession with generations and where we all fit and how we’re all going to deal with our different communication styles. And trust me, if you’re sick of reading the word, ‘millennial,’ then you can bet I’m sick of writing it.

There was no such word as ‘millennial,’ when I started writing the blog, if you can believe it. It’s hard to imagine now since it’s ubiquitous now in news stories and social media posts. But lately I’ve started to feel like I was drowning in the buzzword of the moment, unable to compete with the constant outpour of articles on millennials.

When I first started writing the blog it was because I was in a scary-dark place – depressed and looking for answers for what I wanted to do with my life and what it actually meant to be an adult woman with absolutely no plans for her future.

When I thought that I could explore these questions through writing, I got excited for the first time in months. I loved the idea that no one was really talking about the fact that the game of being an adult has totally changed from only ten years ago and I wanted to explore it hard – I also really needed to because I desperately needed those answers for myself.

Why is everything more difficult, more expensive, more challenging, more draining, and more shitty than I ever imagined? Is everyone else getting this joke but me? Am I the only one who feels like her body is a grave misrepresentation of the scared little girl inside?

Then, I guess, because I write about thirty-somethings, my friends and family started sending me videos, articles and social media posts about the latest articles with the buzzword ‘millennial’ in the headline, thinking that this is what I’m looking for.

And yes, sometimes the topic overlaps – some millennials are now in their thirties, some are GenX and some are caught somewhere between. But really (and I must be clear here): I don’t give a fuck about what generation anyone comes from – every generation of this century, I believe (and maybe beyond that) will have a specific struggle as they transition from twenties to thirties because of the way Western society is currently set up.

… And besides journalists and marketing specialists, I don’t think anyone else really does either.

And I’m so sick of the word, the concept and the fact that every writer and their mother thinks they know how to classify the millennial mind and who millennials really are, what they want and how they behave. It’s just so stupid.

The irony is that millennials are all about breaking down labels and accepting differences, but we’re forcing them to be categorized and stereotyped every step of the way, just to impress Google.

It’s also ineffective. I can’t believe we’re spending so much time reading the articles on this instead of getting our hands dirty and just talking to the young people we work with.

Sure millennials grew up in a different time and technology makes them seem more separate and new, but isn’t every generation new, wide-eyed and full of hopeful ideologies? Didn’t the flower children of the seventies spark the same interest and become a movement that helped us all evolve into a more loving and accepting society?

Millennials are just the next step; they’re taking it all a little further once again. That’s all. It’s not really that amazing, surprising, or really as fucking difficult as everyone says it is in all these articles.

“Millennials are so hard to please and understand”.

Garbage! I call serious bullshit on this.

They’re just people. They’re just younger fucking people. Talk to them like people and you’ll find out they’re actually pretty cool, happy to help and normal fucking humans – not an alien race of weirdos that the press makes them out to be, just for dramatic effect.

And really, the only reason ‘millennial’ is such as buzzword is because at any other time in history, writers and reporters would use words like ‘today in business’ and ‘nowadays,’ ‘current social behaviours.’ But these words are too mundane to be picked up by Google and improve your SEO ranking or get you featured in a hashtag search. The result is that we see ‘millennial’ get overused everywhere when really we’re just talking about how the world is progressing.

Personally, I really don’t give a shit what generation you come from – that’s not my question; that’s not where my curiosity leads me.

So, just to be clear: My questions are about adulthood – adulthood in the twenty-first century when apparently it’s okay to dress like a child, love cartoons, shoot each other with paint but also know how to pay down debt and navigate the new roles of male and female in the workplace, online, politics and even our own sexual relationships.

Send me your millennial articles if you must, but also look through them for yourself. Do you have a millennial in your life that you can ask if the article is on point or can you perhaps smell the bullshit wafting out of the desperate writer’s keyboard? Write about millennials, she says, that’s always a hit!

So this last month I just needed a break. I needed to step back and regroup with what my intent is here. I have no interest in the millennial hype. I have real questions that I think truly matter to people over thirty, and they have nothing to do with our top ten worst cellphone habits or our work ethic as it compares to the boomers.

Right now I’m working on the questions on my own. I want to know where our culture is really heading.

I want to know if higher education is about to die because of the fear of debt.

I want to talk about the pain of not being able to conceive, or the pain of not being able to have it all in a world full of endless options and over-stimulation.

I want to know what keeps you up at night and what really gets you going and motivated to go to the same crappy job every day (besides an Oprah quote clad in gold-glitter handwriting on a rose gold background).

There’s a lot of pain we’re all holding in and a lot we might also be chalking up to #firstworldproblems, but that’s bullshit too. It’s all relative.

What if we solve some of our pain here so we can be our best selves and help others; help the planet; help animals; help help help and love?

That’s what keeps me up at night before I close my iPad.That’s what I search for and what I think is worth writing about and talking about. #everyone.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on any or all of this. Are you feeling like the millennial craze is everywhere and just too much? Are you sick of how many times I used the word ‘millennial’ in this article seemingly to up my SEO (ironic, yes, but kind of unavoidable this time, really)? How’s your adult life going so far?

Mine’s ok. I’m working it out.

With hope and more fire,


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Don’t Finish 2016 Without This

Today was supposed to just be “Tree Decorating Day” but it also turned into “Eggnog and Rum Day” in our house (see the pics on Facebook).

While feeling a little “happy” my husband and I sat and did a little informal review of 2016 – what we did, liked, hated (note: not being prepared for our mortgage to be renewed made the  “never do again” list – live and learn!).

I personally see this and exercises like this as super-critical, especially in our thirties. Our thirties are generally viewed as the years where we build away like busy, busy beavers: reputations, relationships, careers, our savings, families.

And compared to our twenties, our thirties are when we really get down and dirty with creation – we know it’s crunch time and we’re ready to grab life by the you-know-whats and paint ourselves the beautiful picture we all dreamed life would be when we were younger.

The thing is, we can fall into the trap of building, building away and not taking a step back from the canvas to see what it’s all becoming.

Yes, our thirties are when we’re building and establishing a lot of things BUT we’re also accomplishing a great deal too.

That’s why, when you hear everyone (including me!) advising you to review and list all the great stuff you did this year, don’t roll your eyes or say you’ll do it later and never do…

Really take a moment to count up your wins.

This really is most important for us thirtysomeones because if we just continue to toil away, push and push, build and build, we’ll burn out.

And that’s when mistakes are made.

That’s when we make poor decisions and later have to start all over again. And I don’t know about you, but I ain’t got time for that s#*t!!

We’ve got our big dreams here AND we want to see them come to fruition IN our thirties, not waaaaaay in the future, right?

Trust me when I tell you that success in your 30s is more than a dream – it can be a reality. But recognition for all your hard work, your baby steps in the right direction, your effort to get out of your comfort zone are all fundamental to the foundation of whatever amazing creation you’re working on.

And because I think it’s so grave, I’ve created a downloadable plan that will help organize your thoughts for both December and January! Get it HERE

I’d love to hear what happened for you this year and what you’re continuing to build.

Post it here or on the Facebook Page, where we can get the conversation started. This is the place for you if one of your goals is “meet more like-minded people.”

So dream big and review hard!!

And if you’re already beginning to make your goals for 2017, this guide is a MUST!

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Death, Digging and Diwali

As much as some people gripe about the cold, fall is an amazing time of year. I think a lot of women especially love it for the change in fashion. I love getting out my fancy boots, sweaters and ponchos. And, I gotta say, I’m a sucker for darker lipstick and growing out my hair just a little bit more.

I have to say that it’s all a welcome change after crazy-hot summer we had here in Toronto that basically melted away any fun I tried to have in the makeup or fashion department.

And now it’s cold and rainy and the leaves are brown, red and shades of gold that look nearly unnatural. And not to get too Mufasa on you but it really is all a great reminder of the cycle of life.

Today I was in my garden, raking up the last remnants of the root vegetables and tidying things up before the snow comes. In all honesty, I should have had this done weeks ago but every day I wanted to get out there, it was either raining or too nice a day to be stuck pulling weeds and raking.

So today was the day.

I got my ‘farming jeans’ on, which are not fashionable at all, my big ugly hiking boots and my thick gardening gloves and went to it.

My husband held the bag while I shoved some of the dead and diseased vines in; the healthy stuff we threw in the giant compost bin in the corner of our yard.

We raked the dirt left behind and threw in some mulch to keep it yummy for the spring.

I collected some last herbs that still seemed to be okay, despite some light frost we’ve had. I know that’s not the ‘right’ way to do things but I like to think that city farming has some different rules.

As I work I’m thinking about how I’m so grateful for being able to have grown some our own food this year. I’ve already picked and cut several squash and put them in the freezer to make some belly-warming soup when winter comes. The peppers and brussels sprouts and beans are all in there too, ready to be used up when we need them.

As we go I’m also thinking ahead to next year and what I want to plant again and what I don’t think we need. We definitely don’t need as many tomatoes. They grow and ripen so quickly I can barely keep up sometimes. But I loved having the suicide hot peppers on hand to throw into pasta and quinoa dishes, so those are a new staple. 

I guess all of this put me in a contemplative mood and now I’m stuck thinking about death and dying and rebirth.

As an added bonus, today is Diwali, the Hindu festival of light. It’s a really beautiful celebration of light over darkness and the cycle of life and death. I’ve always loved this festival because it’s sort of the combination of my two favourite holidays of Halloween and Christmas. I hope that doesn’t offend anyone because all I mean is that it’s a celebration of harvest, good over evil, peace, and being with your family.

I love how Diwali and Halloween remind us that time is passing and also worth celebrating. The changing seasons can make me think of how change is inevitable and we always have to keep moving forward to the next chapter. And, sometimes things have to die for new things to come in.

In our lives, there are maybe situations or people that are just not working. Maybe you feel a change coming on but you’re afraid of what the future will bring if you let it go.

All I can say, and you don’t need me to point it out, is that nature always finds a way to put us through this cycle of downturns and upturns – by your thirties you’ve been through many. So the point is, change isn’t something to be afraid of. Sure, it may be the ‘death’ of one idea but you can be sure that it is the birth of something brand new – a new season or chapter.

So whatever change you’ve been avoiding, use this change of the seasons to inspire you. Sure, the New Year is a great time to start, but why put it off?  Plus, FYI Diwali is the Hindu New Year – no one said it had to be the Gregorian standard one.

And if you think you still need a push to move on from one thing into another, I’m always here to help! Get in touch at

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Happy Diwali and Happy Halloween!!

Time is on Your Side (or at least it can be…)

The phrase, ‘time management’ can really make my skin crawl. Partly because it’s such a buzzkill of a thing to learn but it’s also a confusing topic that has so many tips, tricks and hacks, that the information out there has become difficult to navigate, watered down, sometimes boring and at others, just plain ineffective in motivating me or anyone to improve.

But I do love the concept of time. I’m fascinated by it, actually. Focusing on a certain age group for my life coaching has forced me to really analyze time in so many new ways.

Thirtysomeones especially are quite prone to bringing up the topic in coaching sessions, whether it’s about not having enough hours in the day to do the things we have to do, let alone the things we’d love to do – or having enough youth to try all the things life can offer. Honestly, I think thirtysomeones are obsessed with time. Yours truly included.

In case you haven’t noticed, a lot of productive adulting requires superb time management. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of confusion out there about what goes into managing your time effectively. And, most of the advice is pretty dry and is filled with setting alarms on our phones and concentrating on getting in, “Just 10 Minutes A Day” for our dream projects.

Some of these tools are great and I do believe that some of us need to set those alarms and some of us really do need to see things as just taking 10 minutes a day consistently. BUT – I also see a much bigger underlying issue plaguing all of us in the adult world.

Our relationship to and with Time, capital ’T’, is broken and until we heal it, there’s no use in trying to make it work for us.

Think of your relationship with anything or anyone. If you abused that person or the fundamentals in that relationship over and over again, do you think they’d want to do you a favour? Do you think they’d even stick around?

Ummm, NO!

And our relationship with Time is no different.

So how are we abusing Time? Take a look at a few tell tale signs your relationship with Time needs attention. If you’re known for doing any of these consistently, there’s, let’s say, room for growth.

Constantly complaining about not having enough time.

We all do it sometimes, but some of us more than others. When your partner or friend asks you what your day will look like or how it was, do you stand there and create an aggravated list on all ten fingers and toes? Do you sigh with exhaustion at the question?

Furthermore, let me ask you: When someone asks how you are, is your answer always something like, “Busy, busy!” or “Hangin’ in there.”? Or do you take it as an opportunity to let this person acknowledge you in the present moment and realize that the only acceptable answer is, “Great, thank you. How are you?”

I know that you may not be “Great” or “Fine,” but that’t not the point. In that moment, someone has bothered to acknowledge you. And if you’re alive and kickin’ to experience that, then, yes, you are “Fine.”

And as far as not having enough time, I get it. We’re all busy. But we all have the same amount of hours in our day and the choices we make are our own. If you feel like you can’t get it all in or done, you’ve got to sacrifice some busy time for some real introspection and some things just may not make the true priorities list and they’ll have to be cut or at least benched for a while.

But you do have to make some choices. Complaining about it doesn’t do anything except reassure yourself that there’s never enough. If you believe it, you’ll attract more proof of what you believe.

So why not..

Believe that everything has its moment and some things can be left for another day.

Believe that you are doing your best.

Believe that you are supported by the perfection of the Universe and that means that everything happens in perfect timing when it’s meant to be.

Being consistently late.

You know who you are. You know it’s a problem but you just can’t seem to fix it. You try to leave early and something always happens. The advice out there says to leave 15 minutes earlier than you thought you should, respect other people’s time, set your watch ahead. Sure these are all great tools, but what’s the real issue?

Are you spending more time on getting ready to go out than you should? Are you procrastinating because you have social anxiety? Do you genuinely loose track of time? How does this happen? What are the triggers? (HINT: Social media is often a huge distractor nowadays).

Figuring out what distracts you from keeping your commitments is one of the first steps in practicing avoiding these triggers and eventually being able to focus on the task at hand which is to get out the door!

Plus, recognizing that you’re late and trying to remedy it shows that you know that time is valuable. Show Time that you acknowledge this by respecting the Time of the person or people you’re meeting with.

This also got for answering texts and phone calls. Respond promptly (doesn’t have to be immediately). This is all practice and repetition that will train you to be more punctual and you’ll begin to get a reputation as a professional and a great person to work with and be friends with.

Only focusing on the past or future. We go through good times and bad – that’s life. That’s how we grow over time. So to say to Time, “Oh, I’m only looking forward to the good stuff, can we skip over this hard part?” or, “I’m so focused on when that happened that I’m not going to move forward,” is a slap right in Time’s face.

Time wants to be a great teacher for you. But you have to be open to listening to the teachings of the present. But as I’ve mentioned before, it’s not so easy to live in the moment or ‘be present’.

Here are my top tricks

  1. A few times a day, when you’re bored or drifting off into a daydream maybe, notice how your tongue is on the roof of your mouth. And then let it fall and relax. It will eventually make its way back, but for that one moment, you’re only focused on what your tongue is doing in the now.
  2. Take a moment to love. Kiss your partner, your kids, your dog. Hug a friend. Ask someone about their day. You may do all of these things anyway, but notice these things a little more for how beautiful they are and how they have nothing to do with the past or future – just the present moment.

These small steps can eventually lead you to see how Time wants to be there for you, not against you; how Time wants you to revere each moment you share together.

And above all, remember that Time heals.

It frickin’ heals us! Think about that for a minute. Time is one of the greatest healers of our pain. It gives us distance, perspective potentially the space to forgive. Time gives us a new day, a second chance – and sometimes third and fourth and fifth chances. If that’s not enough for you to give your full attention to creating a positive relationship then I don’t know what is.

So, yes, mark up your calendar, set your alarms, read a good book for 10 minutes. In other words, manage your time. But remember that it’s not just hours in a day. This is your life and the time you spend here is precious. Spend your time, like money, wisely. Respect yours and others’ time and you’ll see more of it come to you. You’ll start to see gaps for silence and rest open up to you.

And remember, Time is on your side…or, at least, it can be.

I truly love this topic and I could go on and on but I won’t. Not here.

But if you’d like to continue the conversation with me, leave a comment on the Facebook page or get in touch to work together on healing your relationship with Time. Contact me at and check out more of what I do at

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Rejected?: How We Move On When We’re Broken.

At 31, I had to face the hard reality that my dreams of academia just weren’t going to happen. I’d applied twice to my one and only choice of school, heard ‘no’ twice and I was more than done. I had originally said that I would try three times in the spirit of my favourite sport, baseball. But after the second rejection I knew it was over.

I spent the next few weeks (not months, thankfully, like the first time) in a dark funk, wondering if anything in life would ever excite me again, and if I’d ever have a goal I yearned for so deeply.

When I was rejected the first time I checked out for months. It was all I could do to just get myself to the next application and get to a place where I knew I’d be happy.

In the meantime I was taking Oprah’s advice about finding happiness through journal writing. It was the only thing I could think of to do so that I wasn’t swallowed up by my shame and dejection.

And, turns out, journalling was the only thing that brought me joy – and that’s not even really an over-dramatization.

After being told that I was basically banned from having the life that I had always dreamed of, I was left in limbo. I couldn’t look back at the previous eight years that I had spent in preparation for going to grad school. It was too painful and I was too full of shame at my stupidity and naiveté.

But I couldn’t look forward either. Every time I tried to imagine a new goal or a new possible life, I saw nothing – the future was dark and closed off. Even imagining who I could talk to about it the next day was too far off in the future to plan. And why make a plan when the Universe could just deny you it anyway?

But my journal could just be about the present. I wrote a lot of fragments until I got going. Here’s one of my first complete entries that, at the time, I was pretty proud of:

It feels weird to write again. Hope I can do it again tomorrow.

And my second entry, which I think really shows how obsessed I was with the present:

Right now I feel like a giant loser. Right now I’m 30-years-old with no future. Right now I wonder if others feel like me. Right now I wish I knew what a real grown-up would do.

And eventually one, two, lines turned into three and six lines and I was on my way to writing myself to the happiness that Oprah promised.

Over that year I just kept exploring the questions that started in that second entry:

What does it mean to be over 30?

What are we expected to know as grown-ups?

How are we expected to act and react?

How much money should i have in the bank?

When should I have children and how many do I need?

Am I the only one wondering these things?

Am I the only one who doesn’t know the protocol?

After a year of journalling and working on my new application I applied to grad school for the second time. Then,on my 31st birthday I got my second rejection letter.

But this time was slightly different.

I now had explored my desires much more. I had questioned the Universe and my path and I had made peace with being rejected. I was even a little bit sure that I would be okay without graduate school now because I was more sure of my place.

Journalling led me to remember that I loved writing and it’s what attracted me to teaching and academia in the first place. And after that second rejection letter came I knew it even more. And I was starting to already face the scary truth: I didn’t really want to go to grad school.

I really just wanted to write and research and teach. That’s what I was attracted to. And when I got right down to it I had no desire to memorize a bunch of historical facts, write grant proposals or journal articles and then stress about the application process for all those things. I was super-done with that.

I just wanted to write and research and teach.

And then, one day while I was writing out my goals, I realized I was already doing that. And for the first time in over a year, I really laughed at myself. Like really laughed.

And even though I knew I was doing it, I figured I could do everything more or harder. I wanted to commit to being a writer.

So I Googled “How to be a writer,” and Google said, “To get established as a writer, you should have a blog.”

So I got a blog.

But what should I write about?

Hmmm… Well, how about all that journal crap you’ve been doing this past year? Maybe you could answer your own questions about being in your thirties and see if anyone else out there feels the same.

And now, here we are.

It’s been three years since I began writing and reaching out to all of you and it’s been amazing. As you may or may not know, my blog has turned into a coaching business and has given me the opportunity to speak about self-development and the trials and tribulations of adulthood to people one on one, in online summits and at live events.

I’m so grateful for all of you that read and share and email me your thoughts. I’m so thankful to my clients that took a chance and did the work to prove that coaching through this perspective really works.

I love when you leave comments and keep the conversation going because that’s what this is all about – a conversation about where we all are and how we can help each other.

It’s not just me and my journal anymore and so I always love to hear what’s going on with you!

Last week I posted a revised version of my first post that was about where I was at 30. I’d love to hear more stories about where we all were, what we were thinking, doing, expecting when we “crossed over”. Did you freak out or was it smooth sailing? I wanna hear it all.

And if you are journalling or thinking about it, I’d love to know how you’re doing. If you’d like more journalling tips, I’d be happy to share mine. Send me an email or DM on Facebook or Twitter.

And as always I ask that you please leave a comment either here or on the Facebook page and let’s keep the conversation going!

And if you’d ever like to chat about where you are and where you’re going, I’d love if you’d get in touch. Reach me at and find out more about what I do now at my site