What Your Aching Back and Aching Banking Account Have in Common: 4 Big Tips to Heal Your Money Chakra

In the world of chakras and energy healing there’s a theory that pain in the body reflects certain chakras that are out of balance. It may sounds like a lot of woo-woo mumbo jumbo, but I have first-hand experience of this in action!

In addition to a regular quiet meditation practice, I also rely heavily on exercise as a way to meditate as well because it has a similar power to clear my monkey brain and keep stress in check.

When I jog or lift weights, I zone out just enough to focus only on my body and my breathing. My work and problems don’t come with me; there’s really no place for them when my heart rate is up, sweat is tickling down my temples and I’m focused on keeping a pace.

Especially when I’m outside getting hot and sweaty, getting my legs heated up, I know I’m charging up my root chakra. And, just in case you’re not familiar with what the heck that means, here’s a little woo-woo summary:

The root chakra or 1st chakra is called Muladhara and it’s located at the base of the spine. It connects us to our base needs and it rules the lower back, legs and feet.

You might notice the word, mula in there, and I can’t be sure of this, but this might be where the slang term for money came from. Technically mula means root in Sanskrit. But for me, it’s convenient for remembering the Sanskrit name because this is the chakra that’s responsible for your finances and your relationship with money.

But for the past few months, something else has had my attention during my morning-run meditation – my back. In November of last year I started to notice a lot of pain in my lower back when I bent over to brush my teeth or grab anything from the fridge – basically anything at a 90 degree angle has been complete agony.

Thinking that I’m pretty athletic and awesome, I thought I could probably just stretch more or do more yoga to fix it. Nine months later, after taking my yoga routine up a few notches and stretching to my limits, I still can’t lift a jar of pickles out of the fridge for a tuna sandwich.

And, interestingly, it was around November that a number of ‘surprise’ financial issues came up and really shook my money and abundance mindset.

Finally, last week, I gave in and saw a professional – my chiropractor, who also has a penchant for Eastern medicine and philosophies as well. According to Dr. Peter,I have compacted my lower back area and that means “No running.”

“Like, at all?”

“Nope. None,” said Dr. Peter.

I thought I might cry.

“Can I rollerblade?”

He thought for a second.


So, with my spirits slightly dampened last weekend, I went rollerblading along the beach boardwalk here in Toronto for the first time in ages. It was a perfect day for it and a lot of people were out taking advantage of the beautiful day.

When I was finished I sat on a bench to take my skates off just as a family was walking by. The two kids were marvelling at one of the impressive beach houses on the corner. It’s a four-story marvel with chic glass balconies at each level. Plus, when you look al the way up to the fourth level, you can see just enough of the great roof-top patio with a barbecue.

“I love that house mom. I wish I lived there,” said the little girl.

“Yes, me too,” said the mom. “But y’know, that person probably has to work all the time to afford it.”

Boom. I heard the mic drop and I actually felt a small spasm in my back.

Now maybe I’ve been too focused on my own money issues lately, but in a flash I saw that little girl’s relationship to money become one of struggle instead of ease and fun.

I saw that girl jogging on the beach in her twenties, longing for a beautiful beach house but knowing she could never work that hard. I saw her struggle with back problems, knee injuries and foot fungus and never see the connection.

I wanted to scream, “How dare you!” at the mother, but I’m not crazy, and I don’t pretend to know anything about raising kids. But I do know that our upbringing and the way our parents look at money can really affect our own mindset.

Yet, there’s still a chance that the little girl won’t take that on. She might learn about chakras just in time. Hopefully she’ll even find Dr. Peter – my miracle worker who, as he’s working his magic, is also simultaneously restoring my faith in my ability to attract money and abundance.

In other words, it’s working already and I’m now kicking myself for waiting this long to give it my attention.

The moral of the story is something I hope you can take on board. If you’re having issues with your finances or you’d like to increase the flow of money into your life, look at your root chakra. If it feels okay, that’s awesome, but you can still do more to fire it up! Who doesn’t want more abundance, right?

Here are just 3 ways to fire up your money centre and increase abundance but you can get the full list of 10 ways HERE.

  1. Hip circles. Easily done and a good way to shake it all out after being in your                          office chair all day.
  2. Kegels. Yep, not just for new moms anymore. A strong pelvis means a fortress for your dolla-dolla bills!
  3. Dance – like really dirty dance- and shake those hips! Thrust the pelvis! Remember that Elvis made millions by doing this.
  4. Connect to the ultimate root – the earth. Get your bare feet in the grass or in the sand. Your feet have a ton of nerves that can pull root energy from the earth. Read more about how this works from a previous ARTICLE.

Give these tips a try AND check out the FULL TOP 10 LIST HERE and let me know how it goes on the Facebook page!

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Why This Is THE Summer You’ve Been Waiting For

As summer arrives this week I feel the temptation to really let go. I just want to forget the work, the networking, the goal-achieving, and veg the F out. I want to indulge in patio life and read romantic novels by the pool.

’Tis the season for relaxation, hanging with the kiddos while they’re out of school, and indulging in maybe one too many fruity cocktails after work with friends. The sunshine and faint smell of coconut sunscreen are more than enough to distract us from work, prospecting, thinking of a promotion, or hustling in any way, am I right?

On the other hand, one thing I always say about our thirties is that it’s the perfect decade to get things done and get ahead. This is the time we actually have the means and more knowledge about the ways to be successful.

I may sound like the bearer of bad news but I’ll say it anyway: taking two months ‘off’ now is more than just laziness – it’s a wasted opportunity.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t vacay at all – we all know the importance of downtime and quality time for relationships so we don’t burn out and regret a life of consistent work when we’re on our deathbeds. But, if you’ve been struggling to get ahead for a while now and have been praying to the gods to give you a break or a head start, I have to tell you, this is it.

This is the break you’ve been searching for.

If you have a dream that you’ve been waiting to realize or put time into, this is the ‘right time’ you’ve been talking about.

When you told a friend that it wasn’t the ‘right time’ to invest or work together…

Or when you told yourself that ‘one day’ you’ll write that novel…

Or when you say that ‘some day’ you’ll have the time to give that project that will set you up financially…

Well, guess what?

The ‘right time’ is here, and here’s why:

If you’re having thoughts of playing hooky from work or from working on your side project, other people are having those thoughts too.

I don’t have stats on this, but I’d wager that at least half of your competition will be asleep this summer, indulging in their whims and giving in to temptations, giving you a huge advantage for two full months or more.

While others are taking it easy, you can take it up a notch. I know, I know, we don’t want to miss out on the fun or the tanning time. But this is a classic case of a little sacrifice now makes life easier later.

A friend told me once about how she had the choice, like her neighbour, to either work her business or work in the garden all summer. At the end of summer her business was booming. Her neighbour had a nice garden. And while gardens are pretty, they don’t pay the bills or fulfill our dreams – that is unless your business is flowers and your dream is a beautiful garden. You get the idea.

Summer often shows people that their businesses or finances aren’t where they’d like them to be. They see the vacations they want to take their families on but perhaps aren’t financially able. This means that tons of people are looking for what you have to offer. Maybe they need your app, your consulting, or even your novel to read by the pool.

Plus, marketing opportunities are everywhere. Every week is a holiday or fiesta you can join or hashtag to promote your business. And if there’s nothing happening that really speaks to you and your brand, summer itself is a great theme. I’m personally using summer as an excuse to give big bonuses and discounts on my products (stay tuned for that).

If you’re not in business for yourself but you’ve always dreamed of being an author on the side, summer is when it’s possible to find that extra downtime. We have more daylight and, therefore, more energy and more usable outdoor space. Use summer to get outside, be in the outdoor space to finally complete that novel, manifesto or for writing out your five-year plan.

If your goals are personal, like increasing your one-to-one time with your kids, this is a no-brainer. But I personally love a challenge and I think kids do too. Why not accomplish some fun goals together like, ‘Try all the ice cream stores in the city,’ or ‘Ride our bikes as far as we can and then take the bus home.’ This is not only more fun for you but it’s a way to teach your kids the fun of goal setting and accomplishment. Plus, games like this tend to be even more memorable than just going to theme parks or movies.

If your goals are spiritual, the summer weather creates the perfect calmer attitude start a meditation practice, whether you’re on the beach in the park or even longer walks through the city. You could even bring the kids along as well for the challenge; it’s never too early.

The point is, don’t make summer an excuse, make it your secret weapon.

If your’e ready to use summer to your advantage to get ahead in any area of life, let’s take action together. Get in touch to find out how personal coaching can accelerate your results -guaranteed! Inquire to apply at support@ashewoodward.com or visit ashewoodward.com for more info. Talk to you soon! – Ashe

Being Thirties – Podcast with Natalie Edwards

No new posts, just as promised!  I’m working away at my own goals at the moment to bring you more great content for 2016.  But here is one of those projects already- an interview done by Natalie Edwards of natedwards.co.uk.  

Natalie asked me some great questions on creative thirtysomethings and entrpreneurs as well as my thoughts on family pressures and standing in your own decisions and power.

This was a fun chat for me so I hope you enjoy it and get something from it.


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Celebrating Our J’s: How to Really Support JLaw and The Toronto Blue Jays

I recently heard somewhere that when a sports team isn’t doing so well people will refer to the team as ‘they.’ Like, “They suck this year,” “They’re not doing so well,” etc. But when a team starts to do well, the language changes to ‘we‘: “We’re doing great this year,” “We’re going to take it all!”bjteam

Of course, I really got thinking about this because of my hometown team scoring a big win this week. And although I truly am
a Boston Red Sox fan, I can’t ignore the amazing energy in the city right now and not want to be a part of it. So I am definitely guilty of this bandwagon psychology, I guess you could say. Go Jays Go!

Anyway, this ‘we’ and ‘them’ stuff also got me thinking about some other hot news this week. Jennifer Lawrence (JLaw), star of The Hunger Games, wrote an essay about her discovery of her lower wages than her male counterparts in a Sony film when Sony was hacked last year. In it she says, “I’m over trying to find the ‘adorable’ way to state my opinion and still be likable f— that!”

As a woman, I admit I have participated in this phenomenon as well. More than once have I stayed silent, just so no one was put out. Don’t cause a fuss is a common thing for us ‘good women’ to think because we don’t want to put anyone out. But, who exactly are these people that women are offending by asking for an equal share? Who is put out by a woman receiving the pay she deserves or what is at least the equal to a man doing the same work?

But we can only go so far to blame the show or the companies or the industry before WE all admit that WE contribute to this outdated treatment of women. Even JLaw admitted that she wasn’t mad at Sony when she found out about the pay discrepancy: “I got mad at myself. I failed as a negotiator because I gave up early.” The gist of her reason was that she didn’t want to seem like a brat or spoiled for asking for more money. She writes that she also realizes now that there wouldn’t have been the same thought of a man for asking the same.jl3

Applause to all the men who support women receiving equal pay, like Bradley Cooper for Jennifer Lawrence and like the recent scandal on the Netflix series, Grace and Frankie. Martin Sheen and Tom Waterston came forward and agreed that they should receive less pay than Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda, two female stars of the show.

Not to get too cheesy, but we ALL need to contribute to empowering ourselves, our team – us humans who want the world to keep progressing into a greater and greater place. This is a human problem, not an industry problem, and WE are all responsible for how we got here and how WE get out.  WE all deserve equal pay.

If you are aware of any woman earning less pay for the same work as her male counterparts, you have a responsibility to yourself and all of us to speak out and correct the error. WE all will be better for it.

And while I have your attention, and in the spirit of a great week in baseball, let’s all stop saying, “He/She throws like a girl,” in a negative way. WE need to set a better example for OUR next generation of awesome girls and support them as strong equals.

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Jennifer Lawrence and bird photo adapted from vanityfair.com/at premier from hitfix.com

Blue Jays photo from thestar.com