What I Did When I Was Sick of Myself

Just a little over a month ago I took a hard look at schedule and my stress level and decided to do something (actually a bunch of things) about it.

I thought it was only how I was scheduling my time but as I looked at it more closely, so much more disgusting puss oozed out of the cracks of my routine.

So ya, I stopped the blog for a while, re-did my website, started a new yoga routine and even started getting up earlier to meditate longer. Oh ya, and I also got serious about eating a strict vegan diet. I call this an ‘Overhaul’ in the Do-over ebook and, let me tell ya, it’s not for the faint of heart!

Thinking I’m indestructible because I know all the strategies and tools that go into making change, I just went for it – full on.

Not smart.

At first I was tired, cranky, uninspired and I knew so many fibres of my being were being challenged and resisting all this change. Then, all I felt like doing was complaining, sleeping, and eating potato chips and wine for dinner – Hey, it’s vegan, right?

I would try to get up early to meditate but I felt so rotten I ended up skipping it all together and hitting the snooze button for another precious twenty-five minutes. Seeing how crap I was at change, it was hard to have faith but I knew I had to keep trying.

Maybe tomorrow, maybe tomorrow. I just prayed for it to be temporary and hope that it was just the initial adjustment stage.

-Weeks later now I’m like, phew!

As usual, the Universe thankfully has stepped in and is now fully supporting my desires once again. Why did I ever doubt her?!

Since finally crawling out from underneath the covers on consecutive mornings I have full-out and gigantically been stating that I needed to change and up my game. And finally, Timing and Coincidence have ushered in a slew of new players into my life – most of whom I’d call “big-time.”

In the last few weeks I’ve met and connected with people who are on a level I didn’t know existed. I thought I was being ballzy, but these people are here to show me how to really get into the game – stand for my business, myself, my peeps and clients.

Not only that but I seem to be finding better than average blogs and websites, and being directed to much better events and richer, vibrant and more flavourful places for a good time.

All of these things are on the outside of me but I’m embracing them, using them as the key to digging deeper in myself and bringing more of myself to the “Grown-up table”.

And I’m thinking of you today. I’m standing up for you and to you by asking: Are you settling for less in your life?  Have you checked in lately on your standards? Is it possible you’ve let things slide and pass for just okay because you’ve lost faith that things           can be better?

If it’s just not enough, I’d love to show you how to up your game, your vibration and your whole entire gigantic and beautiful life…and stick with it!

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How Hesitation Can Lead to Your Next Big Break

We’ve all done it: we see something we want to do and we get really excited. We start to dream of all the ways this is a great opportunity and we paint the picture of how it will be amazing and change our life for the better.

Then, it happens – we hesitate. We think, ‘I have to sleep on it,’ or ‘I’ll just put a reminder in my phone and come back to it when I have the time and/or money.’

But have you ever noticed that whenever you come back to the idea (if you even do), it’s never as good as it was when you first heard it, when you first felt that spark of energy?

Somehow, the initial inspiration and motivation isn’t there anymore and you may even wonder why you were so excited in the first place.

They say, ‘He who hesitates is lost’. But to be clear, I’d rather say, ‘he who hesitates has lost.’ When we hesitate, we lose out and we’re left to only kick ourselves later, wondering if we’ll ever get the opportunity again.

Depending on what it is, we may not get another shot at all. And, if we leave it too long, we may miss the momentum the original opportunity came with.

Think of a surfer and how she has chooses her moment. She has to seize the moment as soon as she sees that awesome wave lifting up and being fit to surf. If she hesitates, she’ll never get in there to feel the pure, impeccable energy and momentum that allows her to superbly ride the wave full out.

When she goes for it and grabs the wave without a moment to wonder or second guess herself, she can have the ride of her life. She flows with the wave, not against it and she feels the ocean pushing her, carrying her, making it all so easy.

We all need to do the same when opportunity knocks. Grab whoever is knocking, knowing they were sent there just for you. Trust your gut when you feel that excitement about something and you start to dream big things, and jump in. 

Hesitation is a great tool to guide your actions towards your next big break. When you feel that good energy and excitement, it means it’s something big and something that could be great for you. In these moments, The Universe and Her energy are pushing you, carrying you and there to hep you make your success all so easy.

I’m not saying that you should go for everything that’s put in front of you, but if you’re the least bit curious about something, you owe it to yourself and the opportunity to find out if it’s right. If it isn’t, fine. You can always bail out if it isn’t working. But by practicing saying ‘yes,’ you start the momentum for more doors to open for you.

So, if there’s anything on your to do list right now, stop putting it off.

If it’s really something you don’t want to do, take it off the list and move on. We also need to constantly make space for the better opportunities to flow in.

Secondly, mind your hesitations. If you are presented with an opportunity – seize it! Try on the hat of a spontaneity this week and see what else opens up for you.

The Universe likes action and will send you more and more energy when you take quick action.

Plus, money is energy too – dollars in exchange for energy in a beautiful flow. Get yourself into that flow of quick action and quick return. That’s the sweet spot that starts with no hesitation.

Try it for one week – no hesitation. And let me know how it goes in the comments or on Facebook.

If you’re ready to take truly inspired and quick action to bring in more energy and success, go to ashewoodward.com or get in touch for more information on Success Coaching at support@ashewoodward.com.

What are you waiting for?

If you are chewing on something right now or you’re scared to get started on something you really want to do, you have to hear this story about my client and friend, Mary.

I met Mary in December when she was looking for a coach to help her with changing careers.  She had recently been laid off and was more interested in getting into something new, rather than wait around for her company to give her a call back when their numbers were better.

I was really excited to work with her because she was so passionate and creative and she seemed so ready to start the process – she was even inspiring me with her energy!  But when I proposed that we get started right away, I could see her taking a step back and I braced myself for the usual spiel:  no time or money right now.

Sure, it was Christmastime and the end of the year, which really does strap us all for cash and extra time, but I urged her to strike while her motivation was up.

In the end, Mary thought it would be better to start fresh in the new year and we’d talk then.  Well, between December and the end of January her job called her back.  With bills to pay and Christmastime credit card dues to pay off, she accepted her job back and put her ideas on the back burner.

Mary just recently called me up and wanted to talk. 

After two months of being back at her job, she has remembered what passion she had at the end of the year and she’s realized that she has to do something with her home business idea.

I told Mary, I’m not here to say I told you so but…

And I don’t tell you this to be a sassy know-it-all… I tell you this because I have been there myself too many times and I know what happens when I think too much about all the ins and outs of an opportunity.  I ignore my excitement, calling it a phase or momentary adrenaline that will surely pass.  And, like Mary, I rationalize and blame time and money for not being in enough supply. 

I think we all do this. But in the end, we just delay the inevitable because eventually the desire to do something can’t be quenched any longer with excuses.  So all we do is waste time when we could have been getting started and be further ahead right now.

Can you imagine a time when time and money will both align perfectly for you?  How long will you be waiting for this so you can then make a decision that would greatly benefit your life, your well-being and your happiness?  In my experience, a perfect time doesn’t exist.  The only perfect time is when you are ready to move forward and not let any obstacle stop you from your dream and living to your fullest potential.

So say ‘yes!’ to that opportunity, whatever it is.  Stop the excuses!  Try it once and you’ll be hooked. There really is no feeling like taking a risk for the benefit of your success and happiness.

What are you waiting for right now?  What have you put to the side because of time and money not being ‘right’.  Share on the Facebook community page.

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Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Visionary?

When it comes to starting a new venture, it can be tempting to think that, “it’s all been done before.” It can be a real challenge at times to keep going with this idea playing in the back of your mind, I know the feeling all too well, myself.  So how do new things get created and how are new visionaries born?  What’s different about the people that are brave enough to run with their ideas no matter what?  And, more importantly, how can we all get a piece of that?

To create a new idea or be a new face in an established industry, you have to first get rid of the idea that there are no new ideas. If that were true, there would be no innovation, no infomercials, no new iPhone every time I just by the most recent model.

Step two is to remember that the new idea you may have comes from you just being you.  There never has been and never will be anyone exactly like you in the whole history of the world.

[pause for effect…]

There’s a reason you are here and you have a special voice to bring to any project you give your all to.  There are new coaches popping up every day but I remind myself that I have a unique voice that will speak to certain clients.  Some people are meant to be my clients and some people are meant to find someone else. 

I recently heard it put like this:  If Adele thought to herself, “there are already a lot of singers out there, what can I offer?” then we all would have missed our on her amazing talent.

The other big key to starting something new is consistency. In my opinion, this is probably the most important key to success in anything – it even trumps passion.  You can have all the passion in the world for a project, but if you don’t work at it consistently it won’t go anywhere on your passion alone.  Your first step on the path to success is your first move that creates momentum. Then you have to stay the course and work at it on a consistent schedule.  This could be different for everyone.  A new blog could be every week, whereas developing a new habit should be every day.

So if you’re ready to take your plan to the next level, check in with these 3 things (stick to your guns and believe you can do it, value your unique voice, be consistent) and get started! 

If you really need just another small kick in the butt to get your wheels in motion, think of this:  how will you feel if someone gets to your idea first?  How will you feel if you wait too long and the client or customer you’ve been waiting to talk to has already chosen to go with your competition?

So get to it and share your thoughts below or join the conversation at facebook.com/beingthirties.

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Celebrating Our J’s: How to Really Support JLaw and The Toronto Blue Jays

I recently heard somewhere that when a sports team isn’t doing so well people will refer to the team as ‘they.’ Like, “They suck this year,” “They’re not doing so well,” etc. But when a team starts to do well, the language changes to ‘we‘: “We’re doing great this year,” “We’re going to take it all!”bjteam

Of course, I really got thinking about this because of my hometown team scoring a big win this week. And although I truly am
a Boston Red Sox fan, I can’t ignore the amazing energy in the city right now and not want to be a part of it. So I am definitely guilty of this bandwagon psychology, I guess you could say. Go Jays Go!

Anyway, this ‘we’ and ‘them’ stuff also got me thinking about some other hot news this week. Jennifer Lawrence (JLaw), star of The Hunger Games, wrote an essay about her discovery of her lower wages than her male counterparts in a Sony film when Sony was hacked last year. In it she says, “I’m over trying to find the ‘adorable’ way to state my opinion and still be likable f— that!”

As a woman, I admit I have participated in this phenomenon as well. More than once have I stayed silent, just so no one was put out. Don’t cause a fuss is a common thing for us ‘good women’ to think because we don’t want to put anyone out. But, who exactly are these people that women are offending by asking for an equal share? Who is put out by a woman receiving the pay she deserves or what is at least the equal to a man doing the same work?

But we can only go so far to blame the show or the companies or the industry before WE all admit that WE contribute to this outdated treatment of women. Even JLaw admitted that she wasn’t mad at Sony when she found out about the pay discrepancy: “I got mad at myself. I failed as a negotiator because I gave up early.” The gist of her reason was that she didn’t want to seem like a brat or spoiled for asking for more money. She writes that she also realizes now that there wouldn’t have been the same thought of a man for asking the same.jl3

Applause to all the men who support women receiving equal pay, like Bradley Cooper for Jennifer Lawrence and like the recent scandal on the Netflix series, Grace and Frankie. Martin Sheen and Tom Waterston came forward and agreed that they should receive less pay than Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda, two female stars of the show.

Not to get too cheesy, but we ALL need to contribute to empowering ourselves, our team – us humans who want the world to keep progressing into a greater and greater place. This is a human problem, not an industry problem, and WE are all responsible for how we got here and how WE get out.  WE all deserve equal pay.

If you are aware of any woman earning less pay for the same work as her male counterparts, you have a responsibility to yourself and all of us to speak out and correct the error. WE all will be better for it.

And while I have your attention, and in the spirit of a great week in baseball, let’s all stop saying, “He/She throws like a girl,” in a negative way. WE need to set a better example for OUR next generation of awesome girls and support them as strong equals.

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Jennifer Lawrence and bird photo adapted from vanityfair.com/at premier from hitfix.com

Blue Jays photo from thestar.com

A Head Start on Holiday Time-Management

Today was a perfect family day. The weather was amazing and I was out at Toronto’s Woofstock (our dog festival) with ‘the fam’. We were also together to celebrate my mom’s, grandma’s and brother’s birthdays.

I love getting together every year and doing something in the city at the end of the summer. But it’s also a gentle reminder of what’s coming – the holiday season. As I write this (September 27tth) there are only 88 days left until Christmas. I haven’t decided if that sounds like a lot or a little, but I do know that the holiday season comes faster than you think.

My mom’s birthday usually falls around Canadian Thanksgiving so it’s really the first signpost of autumn busyness. Next is Halloween, and then American Thanksgiving is soon after. Here in Canada that just means that Black Friday sales are everywhere and retail stores are eagerly reminding you that you’re running out of time. Then, for many of us, it’s time to buy gifts and food, plus achieve all those goals you set out this year on New Year’s Day, ten or eleven months ago.

Right now, luckily, we’re not quite in the thick of it yet. We have some time to sit back still and maybe do a little planning and time-management strategizing, which is exactly what I intend to do.

Every year I say I’m going to buy gifts early. I’m pretty good at sticking to this but I really want to be done done. Not, ‘I have one more little thing and then I have stuff to wrap’ – NO. I want to be done, ready, relaxed and set to enjoy the autumn and the beginning of winter from outside of the mall.

So, what’s my plan?

I’m not totally sure yet – it is still quite early.  But I think it involves some sort of shopping trip in October to buy EVERYTHING and then in November I wrap it all up and focus my energy on goals and end of the year lose ends. I think it also may take the form of starting my Christmas cards now too and having them ready to send by early December.

The point is, I’m sick of feeling rushed and pulled in so many directions at this time of year. And I know I’m not the only one who loves the fall season and the change to winter.

So, if you don’t have any family member birthdays to remind you, let me be the first – Winter is Coming! So have a plan to manage your time so you can enjoy it, rather than dread it.  Even if it’s not a fully formed plan (as mine clearly is not either), the fact that we’re at least thinking about it is a good start.  This helps us to keep it on the brain and when we’re out shopping from now on, we may pick up some gift ideas early on.

Time-management Tips for The Holidays:

  • Buy gifts early (and somehow label who they’re for…I’ve forgotten why I bought something for someone in the summer by the time Christmas came.)
  • Fill out Holiday cards early
  • Create your Holiday E-card and save it for later
  • Do away with Holiday cards altogether
  • Buy gifts in multiples for younger family members
  • Keep your receipts all in one place
  • Set a date, long before Hannukah and Christmas, for when you want to have your shopping finished by
  • Relax. Give yourself some time off from the craziness between Thanksgiving and New Year’s to have a day off. Go do something to enjoy the season like going outdoor ice skating by yourself or seeing a holiday movie on your own. You can also use this time to reflect on 2015 and what you’ve accomplished this year and start dreaming about next year.

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A Magical Time-Saver and Multitasker

It’s super easy to do, it’s cheap and has multiple health benefits.

Sound too good to be true?  Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t think so and neither should you!

That’s right, it’s coconut oil pulling!  Never heard of it?  Or are you unsure of how it’s done?

Check out the video post this week with my demonstration!

coconut still

CLICK HERE and Enjoy!

If you decide to give it a try, I’d love to hear how it goes! Please comment here or on the Beingthirties Facebook Page!