The year that I turned thirty made me realize how much being an adult can really suck.  But you can either give up your dreams because you failed a couple of times or you can decorate your workspace with motivational phrases and a vision board and keep going.  My hope is that my blog can be some added motivation for everyone to keep going after their dreams, even when daily life gets crazy.

This blog began as a side project to a memoir I started about that year.  As I continued to blog it transformed into something more.  I’m now committed to using the blog as a space to examine aging and life stages.  I think there’s something very interesting and specific happening at thirty. It’s something unique and affects us emotionally, physiologically, and sociologically – but  no one is talking about it!  I’d like to get this long overdue conversation going.

There’s a stigma attached to 30 and it’s really ugly.  Everyone cringes at turning “The Big 3- OHHH”…

I’m discovering that my thirties are the best thing I’ve done so far and I hope I can get more people on board so that we can make this a decade to remember and remove the stinky stigma.



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