Spring Forward Stress-Free

Like January 1st, the spring is a great time to re-evaluate, rejuvenate and try again to prioritize the things that really matter.

It may also be time to check in on how much we are stressing or worrying about a certain nagging detail and nip it in the bud (pun intended).

For me, I’ve been a little too focused on my health and being unforgiving about my injured back that keeps me from feeling my best. I’m ready to use the spring to get out into the warm weather for some refreshing jaunts and light jogs and keep guilt out of it.

We can only do what we can, but it starts with some attention to detail. And often, forgiveness.

So now I’m curious about what that is for YOU.

Would you mind taking this short survey to share your thoughts? It takes less than a minute, and then you can go back to prepping the garden and getting out the summer clothes.

Many thanks:)


Take a short survey to share your biggest challenge to overcome this spring

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