Life Goes On – After Elections and All Disappointments

This week, it goes without saying by now that the results of the American election were a shock for many. We’ve all seen the protests, the riots and heard countless commentary on the whole thing. I know we’re all a little sick of it, and hopefully, just ready to move the heck on.

While we’re still unsure of how this all will unfold, let’s remember how a few weeks ago many may have thought that Trump winning the presidency would be the absolute worst thing in the world to happen.

Beyond that we couldn’t imagine a future.

We posted //<p><a href="">via GIPHY</a></p>”>Armageddon GIFS and memes.memes

We creatively tweeted and posted our fears.

But take a look: so far, life goes on as planned. Nothing bad has happened (..yet).

We all still went to work the next day as usual and got s#^t done.

We still came home to our families and had some quality time.

We still celebrated our freedom here in North America with Veteran’s Day and Remembrance Day here in Canada, honouring the fact that it is our freedom and democracy that was and is fought for and what allows us to vote for our leader in our respective countries.

I know that there is a lot of pessimism out there right now but I just hope that we can all see how  that even though some people’s worst fear came true, we all survived and life goes on.

If this sounds familiar, like from other areas of life where you think that there is just no hope at all, I urge you to take a closer look and find a silver lining. Find something in your situation to be grateful for and trust that everything will (eventually) be okay.

Not to mention, but Veteran’s Day/Remembrance Day should also remind us that we’ve survived worse.

If you feel like you’re looking ahead and the future is looking grim with no silver lining, we should chat. Get in touch at I’d love to help you find hope again and start taking your life and success into your own hands. 

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