Death, Digging and Diwali

As much as some people gripe about the cold, fall is an amazing time of year. I think a lot of women especially love it for the change in fashion. I love getting out my fancy boots, sweaters and ponchos. And, I gotta say, I’m a sucker for darker lipstick and growing out my hair just a little bit more.

I have to say that it’s all a welcome change after crazy-hot summer we had here in Toronto that basically melted away any fun I tried to have in the makeup or fashion department.

And now it’s cold and rainy and the leaves are brown, red and shades of gold that look nearly unnatural. And not to get too Mufasa on you but it really is all a great reminder of the cycle of life.

Today I was in my garden, raking up the last remnants of the root vegetables and tidying things up before the snow comes. In all honesty, I should have had this done weeks ago but every day I wanted to get out there, it was either raining or too nice a day to be stuck pulling weeds and raking.

So today was the day.

I got my ‘farming jeans’ on, which are not fashionable at all, my big ugly hiking boots and my thick gardening gloves and went to it.

My husband held the bag while I shoved some of the dead and diseased vines in; the healthy stuff we threw in the giant compost bin in the corner of our yard.

We raked the dirt left behind and threw in some mulch to keep it yummy for the spring.

I collected some last herbs that still seemed to be okay, despite some light frost we’ve had. I know that’s not the ‘right’ way to do things but I like to think that city farming has some different rules.

As I work I’m thinking about how I’m so grateful for being able to have grown some our own food this year. I’ve already picked and cut several squash and put them in the freezer to make some belly-warming soup when winter comes. The peppers and brussels sprouts and beans are all in there too, ready to be used up when we need them.

As we go I’m also thinking ahead to next year and what I want to plant again and what I don’t think we need. We definitely don’t need as many tomatoes. They grow and ripen so quickly I can barely keep up sometimes. But I loved having the suicide hot peppers on hand to throw into pasta and quinoa dishes, so those are a new staple. 

I guess all of this put me in a contemplative mood and now I’m stuck thinking about death and dying and rebirth.

As an added bonus, today is Diwali, the Hindu festival of light. It’s a really beautiful celebration of light over darkness and the cycle of life and death. I’ve always loved this festival because it’s sort of the combination of my two favourite holidays of Halloween and Christmas. I hope that doesn’t offend anyone because all I mean is that it’s a celebration of harvest, good over evil, peace, and being with your family.

I love how Diwali and Halloween remind us that time is passing and also worth celebrating. The changing seasons can make me think of how change is inevitable and we always have to keep moving forward to the next chapter. And, sometimes things have to die for new things to come in.

In our lives, there are maybe situations or people that are just not working. Maybe you feel a change coming on but you’re afraid of what the future will bring if you let it go.

All I can say, and you don’t need me to point it out, is that nature always finds a way to put us through this cycle of downturns and upturns – by your thirties you’ve been through many. So the point is, change isn’t something to be afraid of. Sure, it may be the ‘death’ of one idea but you can be sure that it is the birth of something brand new – a new season or chapter.

So whatever change you’ve been avoiding, use this change of the seasons to inspire you. Sure, the New Year is a great time to start, but why put it off?  Plus, FYI Diwali is the Hindu New Year – no one said it had to be the Gregorian standard one.

And if you think you still need a push to move on from one thing into another, I’m always here to help! Get in touch at

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Happy Diwali and Happy Halloween!!

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