Don’t Miss it This Time

Hi thirtysomeone,

Thanks to so many of you who checked this out and participated in the recent ELMS Online Summit.

If you weren’t able to get in on it the first time around, let me tell ya – don’t miss it again! (Read on to find out how).

My friend Natalie Rose put together an amazing FREE online series, **Elite Life Mastery Secrets: Unleash Your Intuition, Reclaim Your Power and Take Charge of Your Life** and it’s generating quite a buzz.

We’re getting great feedback from people all over the world who are experiencing powerful motivation, inspiration and new awarenesses from watching these interviews (including mine, yay!)

I was hooked to the series all week long and I can tell you that this is a lot of value all for FREE! (SIGN UP HERE)

If you’re feeling stuck, indecisive, like something is missing in your life or you just need some reassurance that everything is going to be okay, then this summit is for you – THIRTY experts sharing their stories, practices and experience to help you be more confident, connected and fulfilled.

Seriously, this doesn’t disappoint.

Not only all of that but these are professionals who literally give away their secrets to success! I was truly inspired by the stories I heard and not only did I get some great tips but I also truly got the message that success is for anyone and everyone.

Honestly, I’m newly inspired to tackle my challenges head on for my next year in business.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, you’re in luck! There will be an open replay of ALL interviews all week long so you can watch and listen to EVERY ONE. (Productive binge-watching! Yes, it IS possible.)

Check it out here and take charge of your life now: LINK

I’d love to hear what you think about the interviews (especially mine *blush) on the Facebook page.

And if you’re finally ready to go for success full on, let’s chat about working together to get a plan in motion before 2016 is gone for good! Email me at or tweet to me @ashewoodz ad we can set up a time to chat. Let’s talk soon!

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