Wanna See Your Name in Lights?

I hope that my last couple of posts haven’t bummed you out. I just really needed to go back and look at where this whole journey began and, yes, it started in a pretty dark place.

I started the big look back when I was interviewed last month for a summit that actually starts tomorrow (you can join us for the Elite Life Master Secrets Summit HERE). I was asked about how I started and how I got to where I am. 

I hadn’t thought about it in a while and as I was talking I realized that it feels amazing to have that al behind me and to now be in a position to help others. (Check out the interview on Sept.22 HERE)

But it’s got me thinking about how we all have similar stories and unique ways we have overcome our challenges.

So I’ve decided to hand the mic over to you. I want to hear YOUR ideas about being in your thirties –

What have you learned?

What’s your best moment?

What’s your worst moment?

What’s great about being in your thirties?

What sucks about being your thirties?

What goals have you accomplished?

What has been the biggest surprise for you in your thirties?

I believe that we can all learn something form sharing these stories. Plus, I’ve been kind of hogging the spotlight, so it’s time to shine the spotlight on someone else for a while.

So send me your story! GUIDELINES HERE

Even if you’re not ‘a writer,’ who cares? Just tell it like you would if we were all huddled around a campfire or on a road trip.

You know that from my last post especially I believe that writing has healing powers. If you’re stuck on some challenges in your thirties, I’m sure that this is an exercise that will help you move on. You may even stumble upon realizations and insights you’ve never had before.

Trust me. It happens to me almost every day.

So get to it! Get your ideas down, check out the guidelines, and send me an email (to support@ashewoodward.com) with the subject MY STORY.

I can’t wait to see what we all share!

This is an ONGOING, open call. Feel free to share at any time from now on. But I urge you to get started because the universe responds to those who take action and I want YOU to be first!

Looking forward to it thirty someone,

Talk to you soon!

And if you ever want to talk more about your journey and how to heal, get in touch for us to chat about moving forward towards success. Email me at support@ashewoodward.com so we can schedule a free coaching call to see if coaching is right for you. Also see more at ashewoodward.com.

And remember to SIGN UP TODAY for the Elite Life Master Secrets Summit HERE!

Check out the page for more info!

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