How Hesitation Can Lead to Your Next Big Break

We’ve all done it: we see something we want to do and we get really excited. We start to dream of all the ways this is a great opportunity and we paint the picture of how it will be amazing and change our life for the better.

Then, it happens – we hesitate. We think, ‘I have to sleep on it,’ or ‘I’ll just put a reminder in my phone and come back to it when I have the time and/or money.’

But have you ever noticed that whenever you come back to the idea (if you even do), it’s never as good as it was when you first heard it, when you first felt that spark of energy?

Somehow, the initial inspiration and motivation isn’t there anymore and you may even wonder why you were so excited in the first place.

They say, ‘He who hesitates is lost’. But to be clear, I’d rather say, ‘he who hesitates has lost.’ When we hesitate, we lose out and we’re left to only kick ourselves later, wondering if we’ll ever get the opportunity again.

Depending on what it is, we may not get another shot at all. And, if we leave it too long, we may miss the momentum the original opportunity came with.

Think of a surfer and how she has chooses her moment. She has to seize the moment as soon as she sees that awesome wave lifting up and being fit to surf. If she hesitates, she’ll never get in there to feel the pure, impeccable energy and momentum that allows her to superbly ride the wave full out.

When she goes for it and grabs the wave without a moment to wonder or second guess herself, she can have the ride of her life. She flows with the wave, not against it and she feels the ocean pushing her, carrying her, making it all so easy.

We all need to do the same when opportunity knocks. Grab whoever is knocking, knowing they were sent there just for you. Trust your gut when you feel that excitement about something and you start to dream big things, and jump in. 

Hesitation is a great tool to guide your actions towards your next big break. When you feel that good energy and excitement, it means it’s something big and something that could be great for you. In these moments, The Universe and Her energy are pushing you, carrying you and there to hep you make your success all so easy.

I’m not saying that you should go for everything that’s put in front of you, but if you’re the least bit curious about something, you owe it to yourself and the opportunity to find out if it’s right. If it isn’t, fine. You can always bail out if it isn’t working. But by practicing saying ‘yes,’ you start the momentum for more doors to open for you.

So, if there’s anything on your to do list right now, stop putting it off.

If it’s really something you don’t want to do, take it off the list and move on. We also need to constantly make space for the better opportunities to flow in.

Secondly, mind your hesitations. If you are presented with an opportunity – seize it! Try on the hat of a spontaneity this week and see what else opens up for you.

The Universe likes action and will send you more and more energy when you take quick action.

Plus, money is energy too – dollars in exchange for energy in a beautiful flow. Get yourself into that flow of quick action and quick return. That’s the sweet spot that starts with no hesitation.

Try it for one week – no hesitation. And let me know how it goes in the comments or on Facebook.

If you’re ready to take truly inspired and quick action to bring in more energy and success, go to or get in touch for more information on Success Coaching at

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