Why We Have to All Embrace ‘Adulting’

If you’re one of many who gags any time you hear the word, adulting I’d like to invite you to take a quick look at why. 

Maybe it’s because it’s just another one of those made-up millennium words akin to Branjolina and On fleek?

Or maybe it’s deeper than that. Is it possible that you have an aversion to what the word really represents – paying your bills on time and covering up your tattoos at a job interview?

Personally, I think the word is great and it fills a need. In this world where the video game generation includes everyone; parents wear Converse All-Stars and read comic books; and thirty-somethings can still get asked for ID at the liquor store (yes, it happened to me again!); there’s a gap between what used to pass for a ‘grown-up,’ and all the possibilities for what adulthood means today.

More and more of us are the fun parent who still loves superhero movies and willingly play ‘Disney princess’. We’re on the front lines, fighting for more than one casual-wear day a week and we all envy anyone who works at Google because we heard they have hammocks, arcade games and nap time. 

Fun isn’t reserved for kids anymore so we’ve been in desperate need of a word to describe those other mundane, conservative tasks that we never thought we’d be doing like applying for a mortgage, getting winter tires put on, or paying for a year’s subscription to a razor-of-the-month club.

Admittedly, the word, adulting makes my job a whole lot easier too. Instead of hearing or saying the phrase, ‘responsible adult’ 50 times a day, this one word encompasses it all. Plus, it even greatly distinguishes for us between any dislike of simply aging and getting older with just the boredom or tediousness of everyday tasks.

So, if you’re still among the haters, it might be time to check yourself: are you against the word, or against the idea of growing up and ‘selling out’? It may be time to realize you can be any type of grownup you want to be, just as long as you get all your adulting done too.

I truly think it’s time we embrace adulting as much as we’ve come to love, Netflix and Chill and admit, once and for all, that these modern words and phrases define our time and define the fun type of grown up we all want to be.

And if you haven’t seen this already, I invite you to indulge in Chris Stapleton singing a hilarious mix of all the made-up words we love to hate.  I love it! Watch Now

And when you’re ready to really start adulting while staying true to your inner kiddult, you have to get in touch!  Let’s work together to keep a playful balance of work and play that will bring you success and abundance through your passions.  Visit ashewoodward.com for more info and send me your questions at support@ashewoodward.com.

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