For Anyone Who Has Told a Kid to “Earmuff it!”.

I was at an amazing event this week – a roomful of female entrepreneurs who are all committed to positive change while creating multi-million dollar companies.

The speeches were fun, thoughtful and really personal – authenticity at its best.  And the most authentic part was the language.  More than a few of the women forgot themselves (as in, forgot about the little ones in the room) and let the F-bombs fly freely.

As the night went on, we just rolled with it and started shouting, “Earmuff it!”, a helpful catchphrase from the movie, Old School, that tells kids when to cover their ears against bad language.  It ended up being such a laugh and a fun solution.

Afterwards, I couldn’t get the “Earmuff it” phrase out of my head and it actually led to a really big AHA moment.

When we’re kids, there are a lot of terrible things for us to hear from adults.  The funny thing is, we never talk about how this doesn’t ever really go away – the content just changes.  In other words, there are still a lot of things we as adults need protection from. 

Maybe there are people in our lives who consistently put us down, or maybe we have a bad day and we just can’t get someone’s nasty words out of our head.

Not to mention how we all can be our own worst enemy at times with the negative self-talk and low self-esteem shamefests that happen behind a happy face.

Oh, how I wish there were a pair of in-brain earmuffs I could wear to block out the mental chatter of my fear, self-doubt and guilt sometimes! 

This crazy idea inspired me to start using the phrase, “Earmuff it,” for a whole new reason.  Just as the adults in Old School tell the kids to, “Earmuff it,” against bad language, we can do the same for put downs and negative self-talk, which is just the equivalent of damaging bad language for adults, don’t you think?

So next time you lack self-confidence or feel down about yourself, Earmuff it!

You’re not good enough.

Earmuff it!

You probably don’t have what it takes.

Earmuff it!

No one will ever take you seriously.

Earmuff it!

You’re kidding yourself.

Earmuff it!

You’re going to embarrass yourself.

Earmuff it!

You get the idea.

Eventually, it gets easier to ignore the negative stuff coming in and it even makes building stronger mental toughness and positivity into a game. Plus, it makes me smile a little at the cheekiness of it all. 

This is even perfect for anyone who’s not really into the whole mantra, woo-woo brand of spirituality and just needs a quick reminder to get out of the usual funks that we crawl into at times.

But, I think it’s something we could all give a try as we continue to carve out the best possible paths for ourselves.

Give it a try this week and let me know how it goes on the Facebook page.

And if you need more helpful, kick-ass spirituality get in touch for personalized sessions to kickstart your dreams (especially if you’re looking to create your own multi-million dollar company that gives back) and get you on your true path to success.

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