Unleashing the Butterfly Effect in Your Life

Being the first months of the year, changes are buzzing around everyone’s heads.  Big dreams happen in January and February and hope for a miraculous makeover this year is our secret wish.  It really is an exciting time and great changes are possible if we can look out for the number one pitfall I see.  No matter what kind of change people desire, they see it as a change for life in the future.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but that’s not where change happens. Change isn’t really about the future at all.

See, if you want your life to change, you have to change something about what you’re doing now.

You’re not planning for happiness only when you retire, are you? I hope your answer is no and that’s why you read this blog.  Happiness is for right now, in your thirties, which means something has to change today.

Something that you’re doing can be done differently and this will shift everything else.  This really is the change you want.  When things start to shift, you really make space for changes.  That’s also why we have to stay positive and focused on our dreams – so our dreams rush in to fill the gaps, not our nightmares.

What happens if you can’t see what to shift?  Shift something small until you get it right. Here are some small changes that can create shifts in other areas.

  • change what you eat for breakfast
  • stop wearing your signature colour
  • part your hair a different way. 

It’s sort of like the Butterfly Effect – one small thing done differently can affect the big aspects of your life. 

How do I know this, you ask.  Let me just give you a summary of what I’ve changed lately:  I’ve change which gym I go to on two days of the week.  This actually led me to new clients.  I also decided to work from home, rather than the local Starbucks for more of my day.  This has led to more focused work, surprisingly.

Maybe for you it’ll be that you have more energy to get things done if you have a better breakfast. Or maybe someone you’ve had your eye on will notice how you’ve changed your look.  That’s where hope begins and bigger changes can grow from.

So what small change can you make to affect your happiness in the present, rather than the future?  Leave a comment – I’d love to hear them all!  Or post it on the Facebook page.

For more information on me and my personal coaching services for thirtysomethings who want to powerfully design their lives for success, go to ashewoodward.com

Have a great week making small changes, thirtysomeone!

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