The Missing Ingredient in Your Goal-Making

Even though the year has just started, I’ve already achieved one of my goals. Yay me!  Not only am I really proud of myself but I think I learned something from the experience that will be helpful for thinking about what you want to achieve this year.

A couple of weeks ago I was on, checking in on my group for thirty-somethings in Toronto when a notice popped up.  It said that another group that I belonged to was about to shut down because the organizer was taking a step back. These messages are more frequent than you think and usually I just skip over them without a thought, but this time something caught my eye.  This group had over 480 members.  I immediately thought of my goal of ‘500 new subscribers by July’ and took it as a sign.  I took over the group and even though I’m a few short, I still see this as a win.

What I learned is that making goals requires not just a dream, not just action, not only passion, but a willingness to change.

Change is a complicated thing that scares most of us.  But we all know that if we’re not getting where we want to be, something has to change.  You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results, right? Thanks, Einstein.

If I had just skipped over the message as usual, I wouldn’t have met my goal.  It would have been easy to say, “This isn’t exactly what I had in mind,” or “This is more work than I anticipated.” And I wouldn’t have almost 500 possible new friends or, perhaps, clients.

Here’s another example many of you might identify with.  When a friend of mine started working out, he really hated it.  He stuck with it because he had a goal in mind and he still made some progress by sticking to his guns…literally.  However, it wasn’t until he decided that he wanted to be a fit person, rather than just a guy who goes to the gym, that he started to see real results. Now, I don’t think he could ever stop his routine because he really made a change to his lifestyle and committed to it.

So make your goals, put a time limit on them too if you must, but don’t forget that a goal is something you want because you want something in your life to be different.  So what’s the change you’re going to commit to so that all your dreams come true this year?

Here’s a small challenge.  Take a look at one of the goals you’ve made this year.  Beside it, also write the change that has to happen for you to achieve that goal. Then, commit to it.

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