Top 5 Negative Thoughts in Your 30s and How to Deal

‘I’m Old’

Really? Okay, so we’re no longer in our twenties, but we are far from old. I could say something here like thirty is the new twenty or remind you of the vitality of the baby boomers, but I won’t. What I really want to remind you of is that saying you’re old or too old to do something or start over is an excuse. It’s a story you’re using because then you’ll be let off the hook for not trying. And by the way, thirty is the new twenty, so stop whining!

‘I’m Young’

We’re not old but, let’s face it, we’re not young anymore – meaning that we can’t get away with the same things and then blame it on our youth or immaturity. We have certain responsibilities by now and

so there is some adulting to be done. But this is also a great opportunity to get inspired by how far you’ve come and how much more you’re able to accomplish now that you no longer share a bedroom with your sibling or a dorm room with a bad-influence roommate. Celebrate what you’ve got and be proud that you have a job to wake up for that pays your bills that allow you to live and have some fun and freedom. All of this makes you stronger and smarter – more able to take care of yourself. That doesn’t make you old, it makes you awesomely independent.

‘I Hate My Job’

Duh! Let me again remind you that you’re not the only one. But, let me also remind you that there’s another group that could be calling your name. As you probably know there are ton of people who really love their jobs (yours truly included!).

So if you want to join our club, here’s the initiation:

Step 1 – Figure out what it is you really want and get a plan in gear.

Step 2 – Don’t quit your day job!

I know it’s tempting to march into your boss’s office tomorrow and throw papers in the air and quote the famous e-card that says, “IT’S F$#* THIS $8i# O’CLOCK,” but please don’t. It may seem like this approach will win you points with the Law of Attraction but I can tell you it won’t win you any points with the people that depend on you for bringing in an income. See Step 1 again and devise a plan.

Step 3 – Use your current job for as much as it can give you. Conferences and Social media training coming up at work? Perfect! You can certainly apply that to marketing your own entrepreneurial adventures. This is one way to make progress while you’re still building your plan of attack and this is the kind of action The Law of Attraction really likes.

‘I’m Supposed to…’

Fill in the rest with whatever comes up: ‘….have kids’, ‘…be making X amount of money by now’, ‘…be settled down already’. Whatever comes up, check again. Are these things coming us for you or for someone else’s expectation. If it’s not from you, it’s not for you to go after. Let other people have their own agenda. Your job is only to go after your own dreams so figure out what those are and change the conversation into: “I want to…”

‘I’m Such an Underachiever’

This is the Grand Poo-bah of negative thoughts for thirtysomeones and it needs to be killed like a final boss. Whatever or whoever makes you feel this way has to get flushed out and annihilated before success can rush in and give you the big prize of success.

The funniest part about this is that I’ve heard this from people at every level of success. I think it goes back to the last point of what we think we’re ‘supposed’ to be by a certain age but it adds this extra dash of self-loathing that doesn’t sit right with me when I think of how powerful thirtysomeones can be. This idea comes from a pretty dark place, I’d say, and the one way I see moving past it is to start here and uncover why you think so. The Bonus? Once you’ve moved past this one, you’re no longer an underachiever! Congratulations!

For more information on how you can add more success and successful thinking to your 30s, Make an Appointment to get started with coaching at

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