How Can We Make Time for Well-Being in Our Thirties?

“There just aren’t enough hours in the day,” we say. Yes, us thirtysomethings are notorious for being pressed for time. We’re pulled in a thousand different directions between career, kids, resposibilities, eating healthy, getting to the gym, and having a sliver of ME time.

Not only that, but for many of us it’s the first time that we may have felt… (dare I say it?)…OLD.

We feel we don’t have the time to be thinking about our lives and growth right now. We say, “That can wait until I really have time to sit down, read, and understand this stuff about the Law of Attraction and egos and fear stories. Maybe when I’m retired. And I certainly don’t have time to take a course on it right now.”

This is what I’m hearing from some people who think that reading blogs or taking courses on self-improvement doesn’t fit into their schedule. And I’m not hurt or offended – actually, I totally understand it. In fact, admittedly, I don’t read a lot of other blogs, myself!

But I do read the ones that I know are going to help me. The ones that speak to me about self-improvemenet on a deeper level aren’t a waste of time so I make time for them, just like anything else that’s my priority.

If your kids and/or career are your priority, that’s awesome. But don’t forget that to take care of others, you need to first take care of yourself.

It’s like when you’re on a flight and the attendant instructs us to place our own oxygen mask on first before helping other passengers. This is exactly what health and self-care are all about – making yourself a priority.

So if you’re feeling like you have no time for ‘that kind of stuff’, may I suggest that maybe this ‘stuff’ is actually ebalancexactly what you need to help you find the time. Self-development is about finding more balance, calm, and peace with yourself and in your life, making life better for you and everyone around you.

If that sounds like something you need to try, even once, please get in touch for private coaching or my upcoming 6 day (over 6 weeks) course in Toronto. Go to to find all the information.

Take care this week, thirtysomeones!


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