Get Out of Your Own Way for a Successful Future

Do you remember when the year ‘2000’ sounded insane, like it was so far in the future? If you do, then you must also remember then the Y2K panic that went along with the anxiety of the millennium changeover. Will all the computers reset and cause our technology-dependent society to crumble? Will the Mayans be correct and we’ll witness the end of days? Or will it be exactly like Back to the Future II and our dreams of hoverboards will finally come true? (Actually, that one was set in 2015 so there’s still time…).

Now think back to another far off goal you’ve had in the past. Maybe it was getting your degree, finding your true love, marriage, kids, or your perfect career. Do you remember the days when you said, “I wonder what it’ll be like,” and, “I just can’t stand waiting”? Or you might have also said, “It’s never going to happen,” or “I’m actually not sure if I’m cut out for that but I know I really want it.” Eventually your goals came true, but what if you hadn’t second guessed it?

If it’s hard (or painful) to conjure up those memories, let’s talk about the present and the goals that you’re thinking about in the far off future and consider that you might be able to bring them to you a little more quickly. If you’re a believer in the Law of Attraction, you know that you need to keep a positive mindset for positive things to manifest in your life. If you’re not a big Secret fan, you still have to agree that it’s better to be in a positive mindset than a negative one. And it truly does feel better when we imagine all the amazing benefits achieving our goals will bring us.

But you’re totally normal if you’re questioning your abilities to perform once your goals are achieved. The truth is that we all could use a tune up when it comes to lessening any resistance once we’ve set goals and cleared our intentions with the universe. Heavy stuff, right?

What this basically means is that when we face big goals or have great big desires we also fear it will be a great big change. This creates anxiety and is a big part of the reason many of us self-sabotage or don’t take action. When people talk about having a fear of success, this is really what they’re talking about. Everyone wants success, but we’re not so sure that we’re ready for a big change to our comfortable lifestyle that we know, love and can mostly predict. Unfortunately, it’s a fear of the unknown that is fighting with our other instincts to grow and be abundant.

When it was almost the year 2000, some people stocked up on food and water. Others laughed it off decided to deal with it if it happens. Personally, I was in a middle camp where I bought a case of water just in case, as if 24 bottles would get my through the next sixty or so years of my life. The point is, the year 2000 came anyway – no amount of resistance could really stop it because time just goes by.

The lesson we should take from this is that worrying about tomorrow never coming is just as pointless as worrying about getting everything you’ve ever wanted. Sure, you may have to adapt to that higher position, and you’ll make mistakes – no one is expecting you to be perfect at the job itself, just perfectly qualified as you are. You’re going after the job anyway, so what’s the point in thinking about the bad before the good even has a chance to arrive?

The same goes for any goal we have. Maybe you’re freaked out about being a parent or getting married. Or maybe you’re looking for a new house or buying a car. Whatever it is, you need to just allow time to pass and let these things come into your life before you dream up all the ways things could go wrong. You’ll have a better picture of the situation once it’s arrived, and even then, there’s probably a better way to accept your gifts than to think about all the possible dangers.

So get out of your own way!

Below I’ve listed some affirmations to help you remember to get out of your own way and be positive about your future. Try a few or all this week and let me know how it goes in the comments!

Affirmations and Mantras for a Positive Future:

Do something today that your future self will thank you for – Unknown

The future is bright and beautiful– Louise Hay

I live from pleasure to pleasure – Louise Hay

God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called – Unknown

Don’t worry, be happy – Bobby McFerrin

And check out the impatient Tony Hawk ride ‘the first hoverboard’ in this video HERE

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