What to Do When ‘It’s Only Tuesday’

I actually don’t mind Mondays. Sure it’s hard to get up at first, but the workday usually flies by for me. It’s Tuesdays that are truly contemptible when you really look at it. What’s worse is they just try and sneak by in the background on the way to Wednesday like the pudding my husband placed under the head of lettuce in the grocery cart on the weekend. But aside from cheap movie night here in Toronto, Tuesdays just don’t really have a lot going for them. And once you try to catch a flick in a packed theatre full of teenagers, you’ll see the downside again.

Mondays are at least the beginning of the week – there’s hope of a new beginning, a fresh start. Who knows what could happen? This could be the week your office gets jam-free photocopier paper or when Ryan Reynolds stops by your office to use the facilities and you get stuck in an elevator together. It could happen…

Wednesdays are the highly regarded, ‘hump day’. We’re halfway to the weekend and it’s usually a day of just doing our thing, rocking at our job, giving ‘hump day’ high fives and looking forward to Friday.

Business high five

Thursdays were actually rated the 2nd most beloved day of the week after Saturday. The anticipation for the weekend gets our adrenaline going and people start to show signs of impatient playfulness. Thursdays are now notorious ‘after work drinks’ night, helping us in finding a way to extend the weekends. We love our Thursdays.

Tuesdays, sadly, have very little to offer. With no fresh start and no claim to fame with a clever sexual innuendo that reminds us to hang in there, they’re just wedged in there between Monday and Wednesday, as pointless and unlikable as the middle seat in the backseat of a car.

Ok, so it might be a little harsh to call Tuesdays ‘pointless’. After all, they are another day that could bring possibilities and opportunities. But they’re a little hard to deal with sometimes when we’re looking at our week as a long haul ahead. So here are five of my best tips that I’ve been using on myself to get through those terrible Tuesdays with a smile.

Start something new

Research shows that you’re actually more likely to keep going with habits that you start on other days than Mondays. I guess we may have putting too much pressure on Monday for all these years and we’ve become immune to the promise of a magical fresh start. There is one exception to this rule – diets. Apparently, some studies have shown that starting a diet on a Tuesday leads to poor results and you’re more likely to give up by Friday. So start your new diet on Monday, but try a new class or join a new group or club for something to look forward to during your Tuesday workday.

Fun gym day

I had to make Tuesdays something to look forward to so I designated Tuesday as my, ‘I can do whatever I feel like’ day. This usually means that I do sprints and hit the showers early. But it also means I could do yoga or maybe even repeat a fun workout I just learned. I try not to fall into any guilt traps and just let it flow since the rest of my workout routine is pretty regimented for my goals.

I sometimes even let Tuesdays be my cheat day. Friday is already crammed with goodness, so we can afford to spread more of that joy to other days in the week.

Leave work early or on time

A while back, Tuesdays were my latest nights. I’d come home beat and barely want to cook a decent meal before I hit the sheets. I decided that since Mondays are already destined to be a little hellish, I’d put in extra time then and get more of my bulk of work done then. That way, even if Tuesday lives up to its inferior reputation, I can at least go home and quickly put it all behind me.

Treat night

So the movies are out if, like me, you’re not a big fan of crowds, but they can still be a great date night. You may not want to get too crazy, being a school night and all, but homemade tacos (Taco Tuesdays, anyone?) and a TV movie with the family sounds pretty good too.

Avoiding Future Fever

A lot of our big goals and dreams can inflict us with ‘future fever,’ a condition that results when we live only for our future achievements and possible future happiness. Fridays can end up being one of those goals and cause us a little, ‘Friday fever’. But, luckily, the tips for avoiding ‘future fever’ can be applied here too. One of my favourites is the reminder to be grateful for something in this present moment. If it’s a Tuesday around 11:45am (the most stressful part of the workweek, according to research), I would try and find the closest thing near me and be grateful for it.

In my case, 11:45 is my lunch break, so this Tuesday I’m going to be super grateful I have a break to eat my amazing leftover Pad Thai. I may even force myself to imagine that this is going to be my best day of the week and relish in it all the more.

So what are your Tuesday hacks? Is Tuesday your worst day or is it one of your best? Please share below and enjoy your WHOLE week!

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