Can Twitter Help Me Realize My Spiritual Goals? Please Retweet!

I really fell in love with Twitter at first for all the great quotes that are posted every minute. Personally, I love to troll around for new ideas and articles and I feel an odd sense of pure joy when I stumble upon a quote that resonates with me perfectly – Retweet, Retweet, Retweet!

It’s funny how we do this, but also quite powerful. When you think about it, it’s actually the very first step to using positive affirmations on a daily basis to change the way we think.

brushing-teeth-flossingAffirmations are basically short phrases that have a positive and clear message. We memorize them and repeat them every day to work towards reprogramming our thinking. You might repeat them mentally as you brush your teeth, shave, or do your make-up. I like to actually create my own musical toothbrush to the tune of Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ to get my day off to a fun start [Note: I don’t recommend singing this one aloud since the word, “happy,” said with toothpaste in your mouth, spells disaster for your bathroom mirror].

Another technique is to reverse a negative feeling you have. A common one for thirtysomeones is believing that making money is difficult and the work never ends. If we flip this on its head it becomes, “Making money is easy and my work brings me joy.” At first you may feel foolish when you say this and hear a nagging voice in the background whisper, “It’s a lie!” This is where you have some work to do. You’ll have to power through the nagging like you would a mosquito-ridden camping trip. But when all is said and done, you’ll be stronger on the other side…

There’s some controversy over whether or not this method works since it’s really only working on a conscious level.meditate girl That’s why many people include affirmations in their meditation practice as well. This way the messages reach our subconscious and can directly begin to affect our behaviour at a deep level. When you’re ready for this step, choose a favourite affirmation and include it in your visualization of your future self. Use it to support the image of who you want to be.

But just having positive quotes and reminders of our goals around us can’t hurt too, can it?

For those who feel like you don’t have the time for a meditation practice, this is the answer. If you’re on Twitter (Follow Me) or Facebook (LIKE me @ every day anyway, then you DO have the time.  If you find yourself attracted more to the cynical, profane quotes on social media, consider what you’re allowing into your space each day. Why not make a positive change in what you’re taking in and putting out there?

Here are some simple affirmations and tweetables to get you started!

I’m young and powerful. I can have everything and anything I dream of.

I’m happy and attracting more happiness to me every minute.

Every day I get better and better.

twitterbird     Being in your 30s is the new AWESOME! #thirtysomething

twitterbirdI love Ashe Woodward’s blog @ashewoodz and I don’t care who knows it! [;)]

Let me know how you use affirmations in the comments and see you on Twitter!

Have a great week, thirtysomeones!

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