Tips For a Youthful Easter

Join in the hunt

If your family does an Easter egg hunt, why not join in instead of staying on the sidelines with the “adults”?  Older kids will love the friendly competition or you could pair up with a toddler whose mom needs a break.  Just remember to fight fair and not let the competition go to your head.  Nobody likes a big baby.


Monitor your sugar
If you didn’t know already, sugar causes wrinkles (and isn’t so great for the rest of your body either). I know, so unfair!  It may be next to impossible to not indulge in Easter chocolate so why not try to reduce it in other ways?

Instead of a sugary soda or cocktail before dinner, stick to water or a smaller glass of wine. At dinner, go easy on the ketchup and extra sauces that have hidden calories.

Talk to your elders
Nothing can make you feel younger than hanging around the older generation. They’ll call you “kid” and “dear” – a welcome change from the usual “Ma’ams” or “Sirs”.  This Easter I’m using the opportunity to get some info on a few old family photos.  Hopefully I can get my great aunt talking and I can just curl up and enjoy stories that the photos conjur up. Plus, I’ll hopefully learn some family history in the process and learning keeps the mind young!

Christian or not, forgiveness is to Easter what gratitude is to Thanksgiving. Research on forgiveness shows that adopting a more forgiving attitude can reduce stress and make us happier.  It may not be the fountain of youth you’re looking for but I think it’s worth a shot for overall well-being. We all know that forgiveness isn’t the easiest thing in the world but now would be a good time to practice and reap the rewards for a lighter load this spring.  Man, I hope my body forgives me for all the chocolate I ate this weekend…

So try and keep these in mind this Easter and always to stay young and happy all year round.

Hope you have a happy Easter and a great holiday weekend!


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