I Just Learned What ‘Millennial’ Means, Now ‘Generation Z,’ You Say?!

If you were born anywhere from the early sixties to early eighties, you’re a GenXer. If, like me, you were born in the early eighties and raised on video and computer games, you may resonate with the Millennial mindset a little too.

But being Generation X is pretty cool. We’re characterized as being more socially aware and more open to new ideas about working conditions, parenting, religion, gender and sexuality, and race than Baby Boomers (mostly due to cynicism…). We have some strong ideas about how the work-life balance is way off-balance and more than a few opinions about how to few fix it up. Not to mention, we’re probably the last generation that can remember the world before and after cellphones and the Internet and tell you some great stories about searching for a payphone or a phone book. Some of us can even do a mean impression of a dial-up modem. This is not to say that Boomers are closed-minded, but the obvious trend is that society as a whole has been becoming more accepting of different lifestyle choices with each generation.

Millennials have gotten a lot of press lately, and so they should. After all, they are the largest cohort since the Boomers so their choices will make a profound impact on society. Millennials, or Generation Y, are even more accepting of different lifestyles. Gone is the ‘standard family’ or ‘typical home,’ and they know it and accept it – mixed religions, races, same sexes, whatever. They are one of the first generations to not blink an eye at anything other than nuclear. They also have some high standards when it comes to working conditions and health-consciousness that we can already see infiltrating our work week, work-life balance, and the prominence of flexi-time and telecommuting.

I’m consumed by this topic of generations and their contributions for two reasons this week. The first is a result of a chat I had with Lori Campbell of AgePotential.com. As a gerontologist (a person who studies age and aging), Lori focuses on each generation’s approach to aging and vitality. She’s also spent a lot of her career looking at slowing down the aging process and increasing vitality for all. We had a great chat about reaching a younger audience to make more GenYers and GenZers more aware of how aging can be staved off by putting some time and effort into learning about vitality and nutrition.

[This chat is only the tip of the iceberg and I hope to bring you more about Lori and maybe a formal interview in the near future (especially about how she has the science to prove she has reversed and slowed down the aging process on herself – yes please!)].

The second reason I’m fascinated about generations is because of one of the cutest and forward thinking stories that exploded all over social media this week. No, it’s not from a politician or activist, or even a celebrity looking for comeback press. I’m talking about the story of Jacob Lescenski, the straight junior who asked his gay best friend, Anthony Martinez, to prom. (Full story here).

CNN reports that the two teens are juniors, making them 16 or 17 (born in 1998/99), and therefore them part of    Generation Z. This is the generation born from the mid-late nineties through to about 2009 or 10 (depending on who you ask…). Though we don’t know too much about Generation Zers as far as their ‘adult’ characteristics or what their major contribution to society will be, this story is hopefully only the first of an even more open, loving attitude and perspective that is increasing with each generation.

So enjoy these positive thoughts about the future this week and dream about all the implications this shift will have on your boycomown life! Maybe you have GenZ children who will live to see multiple female, homosexual, and transgendered Presidents and Prime Ministers. And we should also give them a break! Just because they’re on their phones all the time, doesn’t mean that the next generation is doomed to fail. By the looks of it, it actually seems like they’ll show us all up.

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What To Do With The Thirtysomeone?

You may not know it but the Greek philosopher and astrologer, Claudius Ptolemy, is having a big impact on your life right now. Ptolemy was an ancient Greek-Roman astrologer and mathematician who also put forth work on the seven stages of life which are still commonly referred to even today. These are: infancy, childhood, adolescence, young adult, adulthood, and elderly. This model has been watered down a tad from the original which included ‘the soldier stage,’ but for the most part, it’s general principles have stuck.

My question is, where did ol’ Claude put the thirtysomeone? Are we adult or young adult? Personally, I feel like we’re the latter, but this might just be wishful thinking. But if it’s the former, then that puts us in the same category as someone who is almost sixty. That just can’t be right!

I may be a little biased but I think our thirtieth birthday rings in a new era and a certain focused energy. I know I can’t be imagining it because there are countless TV shows, movies, articles and kimmyblogs about turning thirty. I recently binge watched The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix and low and behold – an episode about a disaster thirtieth birthday. And how does it wrap up? SPOILER ALERT: Kimmy decides that turning 30 will be a fresh start.

I personally had quite a similar experience myself which you can check out this week in a guest post at My Thirty Spot (How I Got Revenge on Turning 30).

But back to Claude.

With all the evidence out there, I just can’t agree with Mr. Ancient Hotshot. Thirtysomeones are a group with needs all our own. We’re busy, we’re crunched for time, and we’re on a schedule. We’ve got outside pressures on us, telling us a million things we’re ‘supposed’ to do, plus dreams of our own. We’re just beginning to figure out who we are and what we truly want. We’re moving and shaking a lot faster than adults in their fifties and sixties whose careers are established or even winding down and whose children are raised and probably out of the house.  And we’re juggling a lot more than the twentysomeone who may have a full plate but is still probably only responsible for number one.

This is why I do what I do. This is why I’ve put all these thoughts and more into my latest labour of love. My new eBook, The Thirty Something’s Guide to Successful Goal-Making, takes a look at many of the thirtysomeone’s concerns and provides tips and tools for including these ideas in clear, succinct goals so that success comes sooner rather than later.  

It’s once we have a clear picture of ourselves that we can better formulate our success-plan with a special brand of balance and care.  There’s nothing worse we can do than put off success and happiness until we’re older or old! We’re not the same as sixtysomeones, people! So let’s not act like it.

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Can Twitter Help Me Realize My Spiritual Goals? Please Retweet!

I really fell in love with Twitter at first for all the great quotes that are posted every minute. Personally, I love to troll around for new ideas and articles and I feel an odd sense of pure joy when I stumble upon a quote that resonates with me perfectly – Retweet, Retweet, Retweet!

It’s funny how we do this, but also quite powerful. When you think about it, it’s actually the very first step to using positive affirmations on a daily basis to change the way we think.

brushing-teeth-flossingAffirmations are basically short phrases that have a positive and clear message. We memorize them and repeat them every day to work towards reprogramming our thinking. You might repeat them mentally as you brush your teeth, shave, or do your make-up. I like to actually create my own musical toothbrush to the tune of Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ to get my day off to a fun start [Note: I don’t recommend singing this one aloud since the word, “happy,” said with toothpaste in your mouth, spells disaster for your bathroom mirror].

Another technique is to reverse a negative feeling you have. A common one for thirtysomeones is believing that making money is difficult and the work never ends. If we flip this on its head it becomes, “Making money is easy and my work brings me joy.” At first you may feel foolish when you say this and hear a nagging voice in the background whisper, “It’s a lie!” This is where you have some work to do. You’ll have to power through the nagging like you would a mosquito-ridden camping trip. But when all is said and done, you’ll be stronger on the other side…

There’s some controversy over whether or not this method works since it’s really only working on a conscious level.meditate girl That’s why many people include affirmations in their meditation practice as well. This way the messages reach our subconscious and can directly begin to affect our behaviour at a deep level. When you’re ready for this step, choose a favourite affirmation and include it in your visualization of your future self. Use it to support the image of who you want to be.

But just having positive quotes and reminders of our goals around us can’t hurt too, can it?

For those who feel like you don’t have the time for a meditation practice, this is the answer. If you’re on Twitter (Follow Me) or Facebook (LIKE me @ facebook.com/beingthirties) every day anyway, then you DO have the time.  If you find yourself attracted more to the cynical, profane quotes on social media, consider what you’re allowing into your space each day. Why not make a positive change in what you’re taking in and putting out there?

Here are some simple affirmations and tweetables to get you started!

I’m young and powerful. I can have everything and anything I dream of.

I’m happy and attracting more happiness to me every minute.

Every day I get better and better.

twitterbird     Being in your 30s is the new AWESOME! beingthirties.wordpress.com #thirtysomething

twitterbirdI love Ashe Woodward’s blog beingthirties.wordpress.com @ashewoodz and I don’t care who knows it! [;)]

Let me know how you use affirmations in the comments and see you on Twitter!

Have a great week, thirtysomeones!

Tips For a Youthful Easter

Join in the hunt

If your family does an Easter egg hunt, why not join in instead of staying on the sidelines with the “adults”?  Older kids will love the friendly competition or you could pair up with a toddler whose mom needs a break.  Just remember to fight fair and not let the competition go to your head.  Nobody likes a big baby.


Monitor your sugar
If you didn’t know already, sugar causes wrinkles (and isn’t so great for the rest of your body either). I know, so unfair!  It may be next to impossible to not indulge in Easter chocolate so why not try to reduce it in other ways?

Instead of a sugary soda or cocktail before dinner, stick to water or a smaller glass of wine. At dinner, go easy on the ketchup and extra sauces that have hidden calories.

Talk to your elders
Nothing can make you feel younger than hanging around the older generation. They’ll call you “kid” and “dear” – a welcome change from the usual “Ma’ams” or “Sirs”.  This Easter I’m using the opportunity to get some info on a few old family photos.  Hopefully I can get my great aunt talking and I can just curl up and enjoy stories that the photos conjur up. Plus, I’ll hopefully learn some family history in the process and learning keeps the mind young!

Christian or not, forgiveness is to Easter what gratitude is to Thanksgiving. Research on forgiveness shows that adopting a more forgiving attitude can reduce stress and make us happier.  It may not be the fountain of youth you’re looking for but I think it’s worth a shot for overall well-being. We all know that forgiveness isn’t the easiest thing in the world but now would be a good time to practice and reap the rewards for a lighter load this spring.  Man, I hope my body forgives me for all the chocolate I ate this weekend…

So try and keep these in mind this Easter and always to stay young and happy all year round.

Hope you have a happy Easter and a great holiday weekend!