Do You Feel Lucky?

Do you believe in luck? Maybe St. Patrick’s Day will inspire you to you consider this for a moment.

Are you lucky?  Do you know someone who is hopelessly unlucky?

Do you feel like the things that have happened in your life so far have all been by chance or that you control your destiny?

If you’re like me and you believe in a little of both, remember today that feeling lucky is similar to feeling blessed with lepabundance – just think of the leprechaun with the pot of gold!

When you’re thankful for the abundance in your life, more comes to you. By taking an active role in being grateful for the things in your life, you’re taking control of your path by acknowledging what you want and telling the universe to bring more. This is how you can exercise luck and free will at the same time.

If you are at a place where you don’t feel very lucky right now, don’t use this day to just drown your sorrows in green beer. Use this as a starting point for getting down to it and actively changing your fortune by being grateful for all you have. Then, re-write your dreams and goals and what you want to see in your abundant future!

Have A Happy and Safe St.Patrick’s Day!

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