What Do Smoking and Meditation Have in Common?

I used to smoke. I really loved it, too. I started in my teens when my best friend and I would sneak cigarettes from her grandpa and we’d light ’em up in the forest near my house. Later, I got a little more sophisticated and bought them with a fake ID… and then smoked them in the forest near my house…

In my twenties my favourite time of day was my commute to work when I’d have my smoke with my coffee and crank the tunes. Utter bliss. I would think, how can something that feels and tastes so good be bad? Eventually though, I began to see the hypocrisy in my indignant attitude against those who didn’t recycle, and my littering of butts out my car window. Also, I started to feel pretty uncool – healthy and eco-friendly is the new hip, no? And since I had always been insatiably cool[ahem], this was just a no-brainer…

When I bought a new car I decided I wouldn’t smoke in it. Then, a few “social smoker” moments later and I had quit. It took time, of course, but I knew it was for the best.

The other day the topic came up in my class when a student came back from our break and I couldn’t help but ask him to find a seat at the back where I couldn’t smell him. They always say it’s the ex-smokers, more than the non-smokers, that are more intolerant of the smell, right?  Anyway, as he moved , a younger student couldn’t help but say, “You still smoke? My god, it’s 2015!

I died. Not only is this the first time this particular student has uttered more than one word, but she really hit the nail on the head!

It is 2015. With all the knowledge we have about lung cancer and emphysema it’s odd that so many don’t kick the habit. But that’s just it. It’s a habit!

From working in hypnosis I have seen how habits persist in spite of what our conscious mind knows is wrong. Habits control us from our subconscious which, unfortunately, is stronger than our conscious mind. This is why hypnosis is so helpful in breaking bad habits like smoking and other addictions. In hypnosis you “speak” to the subconscious mind directly to reprogram it and rid it of negative behaviours that your conscious mind can’t control.

Hypnosis can also help you adopt good behaviours like more confidence, better sleeping patterns or eating habits. Once you know what you want, your hypnotist gives your subconscious a little kickstart towards the good habits you know will improve your life, but maybe have a little trouble adopting.

Part of what I preach is that meditation can help so many facets of your life and can help you achieve success and abundance in your thirties. But so often people tell me that meditation is difficult to do or hard to find time for. I understand where they are coming from, but at the same time, I want to shout – “But it’s 2015!

There’s so much research telling us that meditation brings so many health benefits and feelings of happiness and bliss, I just can’t believe that not everyone is doing it.  Meditation is one of the first steps to finding clarity in your life. I can’t stress this enough. For all of you out there who have trouble with decisions or are still unsure of your life path, this is the answer! Meditation is easy to do in that you don’t need equipment, but it does take practice. You need to make it a habit and you’ll reap so many rewards.

Take it slow at the beginning, use some guided meditations. A great app is buddhify. It’s not free but well-worth it – I still use it all the time on my commute. Or, you can always grab my FREE gratitude meditation HERE which will help get you started. I challenge you to five minutes every day for a month (It takes about 28 days to make a habit).

It’s about time, don’t you think?

Let me know how it goes and please leave me a comment!

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