What’s Your Focus Now That You’re In Your Thirties? PLUS Survey Results

In the last few weeks I’ve been talking about the three magical ingredients for any type of success in your thirties – meditation, visualization, and gratitude. Each one is powerful on its own but they’re a superforce when teamed together. Think Batman and Superman alone, compared to when they’re with Justice League…You’re thirty, so I know that you know what I’m saying.

This powerful combination can be applied to so many areas of life that are out of balance or unfocused.  To find out more about the particular areas that the thirtysomeone is focused on, I put out a survey and got 126 responses. I asked some general questions about priorities and goals for the near future.  Eighty-two percent of those surveyed were in their thirties and mostly working women. [Thanks again to everyone who participated!].

One of the things I asked was, “What is your current focus?”                                                                                       [Options:  Family, Career, Having it All, Health, Sexual relationship and Other]

It was almost a tie with Family edging out Career, ever so slightly– just as I predicted – just as anyone could predict, I guess. Just think of the lifestyle a thirtysomeone leads:  Unlike in our twenties, parties aren’t to celebrate the sun going down anymore, but more of a luxury. And falling in love or finding a booty-call are great, but probably losing appeal as finding a partner to build a life with sounds a little cozier.                                                                                                   [Sexual Relationship was under 10% and there were some twentysomeones in the poll…]

As for our careers, we’re mostly out of the test-run phase.  Or, the big 3-0 birthday rings in and signals panic as we realize it’s one of the last chances we might have to change career paths before we get into something too deep and can’t crawl out of until we’re 65!

So, our sights are now on both Career and Family. My question now is, are we able to have both?

It’s no secret that family and career are huge priorities for everyone at almost every age, but I think the thirtysomeone needs to take charge of this. Even more than our twenties, it’s our thirties that are the true building phase that can become a foundation for the rest of our lives.  A lot of the decisions we make now are crucial to our future and even other people’s future (spouse, partner, kids, etc.) – a responsibility we are probably still just getting used to. I think this is the particular struggle that is what makes this decade stand out (and why I find it so fascinating). And the key to our success and happiness is in finding a way to balance our focus between all of our new responsibilities and our own goals.

I also think that finding this sooner, rather than later, is integral to our future success. How many times do we hear 40 year-old women who are burned out, loving their families but also wishing they had followed some of their dreams?

I can’t stress enough that meditation and visualizing and gratitude are great ways to center yourself and find balance between your busy life and your true priorities.  There’s no time to waste dreaming about how you’ll get to what’s important later on.  Personally, I want to know, without a doubt, where to focus my energy and time so I can make the most of them and make a proper go at having it all in my thirties.

What do you think?  Are you ready to give meditation a try?  Here’s the link again for my last gratitude meditation.

What do you think about the survey results? What’s your focus and how are you staying balanced?

I’d love to hear your comments!

And if you haven’t yet, check out my FREE gratitude meditation and watch for more FREE swag at facebook.com/beingthirties – I’d love your LIKES!

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