Revamping the Thirty – “Something”.

With all the talk I do about being in your thirties, I’ve developed an unfortunate distaste for the word, “thirty-something.” It’s not that it’s too long or hard to say, I just hate it’s smug, nondescript attitude and, if you notice, how it comes across as pretty dismissive and impersonal:

“You are thirty…something. Whatever.”

Furthermore, we aren’t things. I’m a human being. A North American human being at that, which means that my age is critically attached to my identity, and I’m really sensitive about the entire topic of age and aging, so how dare you dismiss me as a something-aged person and force me to question my entire self-worth!


To avoid any of these dramatic outbursts in the future, I’ve coined a term I hope we can all live with.

From now on, I’m referring to us as thirty-someones.

And as my thanks to you for following the blog or following me on Facebook and Twitter, and passing on the use of my clever new term, I have a FREE goal-making strategy infographic that I made especially to empower us thirty-someones. Ahhhh, I feel better already.

You can get your FREE copy at my new Facebook page and clicking LIKE, therefore restoring my Western-sense of self worth.

I’ll be expanding the information on the infographic in the weeks to come so leave me your comments and questions and we can get the conversation started.   I think we can agree that the first step is using better terminology that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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