Have You Grown UP This Year?

With one more year almost at its end, we’re getting in last-minute shopping and last-minute goals.  We might also be looking forward to the next year already, excited for a new start once again. Moving forward and getting better is always the goal but what if there was an even better way to feel about the work ahead that seems to never be done?

When we imagine growth and increase, we often picture the road ahead – long, maybe winding, and always farther and farther along. This image of moving down the line can sometimes make the future seem unattainable and we can get the feeling that happiness will never arrive.

But growth and increase are usually associated with great height and strength, so why don’t we change our mental picture?

Try this exercise I experimented with quite often with my hypnosis clients:

This month, as you imagine growth (financial, spiritual, business and even your goals and targets), try and imagine them above you instead of out front. Better yet, imagine that every time you feel like you’re working toward your goal, your body is growing stronger. This mental exercise can have great affects. I personally try to use this visualization rather than the “road ahead” version because it creates instant gratification – happiness in the now. Instead of just collecting achievements along the path and forgetting about them, I try and give myself the gift of acknowledging that I’ve increased, grown, and that I’m stronger in some way from all my experiences.

Let’s say you achieve a goal on your to do list like, “Find the perfect sweater for mom.” You put a great big check mark beside the item and move onward to the next item, chasing the end of the list.  Check marks are great, as I said last post, but imagine this: Instead of just a check mark you take a few seconds (yes, just seconds) to imagine how accomplishing your goal has made you a greater, stronger person. You’ve grown as a gift-buyer!

Imagine yourself a little taller or stronger, your shoulders back and flexing those abs! You haven’t just got the gift and added it to the bag, you’ve acquired an experience. Now imagine your next gift to find. Your super-gift-buying powers are stronger and finding something for dad might not be as hard as you thought.

One more example.  Let’s say you need to make a phone call to a client that you have been putting off.  You know completing this will lead to either X or Y outcome or another A or B thing to do.  You call the client, and imagine yourself growing upward and getting stronger from that experience.  Now the next phase isn’t something down the line, but something else you’re ready to gobble up to increase your power.

It may sound cheesy now, but doesn’t it sound more fun than imagining a never-ending list of “to-dos” on a never-ending highway?  And, with practice, your happiness can meet up with you in the present, not down the line somewhere.

Your thirties [spoiler alert] won’t be forever. This is crunch time – time for good habits, superior upward growth and the achievement of a ton of great things!

Don’t forget to think of everything that has increased you in 2014!  Give it a try – I’d love to hear what it does for you.

Have a great week and happy holiday shopping!

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