A Few To-Dos Before Year’s End

In these wee hours of 2014, we’ve got only a little time to accomplish what we wanted for this year. We should also take a little time to appreciate what we have accomplished from our lists.

Also, take a minute to look back and acknowledge the surprises and gifts you received this year, heights you reached that weren’t even planned for, but that have added to your happiness.

One of the greatest gifts I received this year was an encouraging tweet on this little ol’ blog and it kept me going this whole year.  It’s even continued to inspire me into next year when I’m hoping to put something really big out there that all can benefit even more people.

I also began to really feel the power of gratitude this year and I hope all of you can do the same – every day if you can.

Sure there were goals I didn’t quite reach but now that I have to add them to my list again I know I’ll have to put more power behind them in 2015. I know that checking off goals is a great feeling and leaving anything unchecked might be a little disheartening, but putting yourself down for not getting there doesn’t help the eventual realization of those desires.

Keep a good attitude – remember all the good reasons for wanting what you want and you will get there.  Here’s a great recent article for keeping that in mind:  How Feelings of Gratitude Breed Happiness and Well-Being

So here’s to us and our accomplishments this year and a hearty thank you to all who helped us on our journey.


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