How To Make The Most Of The 2014 End Zone

It’s time for another sports-inspired, motivational message.

So this year is almost over.  Lots to do, buy, wrap. Maybe there’s a few straggling goals left on the list that didn’t get done. Sure, you can transfer them over to the 2015 list or we can take a little advice from one of my favourite sports, football.

Where does all the action happen? That’s right, the end zone.

That’s where we are right now. We’re in the game with only one more down – time’s running out. But we’re right there – where all the magic happens; dreams and goals achieved.

This is the time – only one more month to do what you said you would do this year.  Seem crazy?  Maybe.  But could you imagine a team so close to a possible victory just giving up? Never.

So let’s get fired up and ready. Huddle up and run it all the way in.  Like I said last week, think about what’s worse – lots of work now, or the feelings of guilt and shame as you put off those goals for yet another year?

So… Go Team!

Okay, no more blogging while the game’s on…

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