Blowing Hot Air and Other Cliches For Your Thirties

There’s a bit of a dichotomy to what I preach. I say that we need to focus less on our age and disregard any expectations other people have for us. I say be free of the “shoulds” and there is no time limit on anything.  Let everything unfold in your own, personal good time.

On the other hand, I also feel like this is a pretty important decade where so many things are happening, changing and evolving, maybe faster than ever before. Not only that, but this is actually crunch time – a great time to build but also reap a lot of what we built in our twenties and, most likely, change things or repair some of the damage. We’re in our greatest decade so far and we “should” be pretty focused on that. We can’t let one minute just slip away.

It may just be this back and forth that keeps me motivated and fascinated by this time in my life…

For so long, in my teens and twenties, I felt like I was blowing up a really thin balloon that was always threatening to pop in my face. I was in school, starting a career, getting married, thinking about kids, back in school again and always rushing, rushing, rushing. And then on the weekends I was expected to dress up in a tight outfit and get drunk and feel miserable for my one day off.

Thankfully, in my thirties I’ve chilled. I have the smarts and the resources to put something fantastic together and I’m so excited about it.  Experience has relieved a lot of the pressure to avoid any giant mishaps.  In other words, I feel like I’m gathering pieces to fortify my balloon so it’s strong enough to pick me up and take me somewhere amazing in life.    

I spent a lot of time on this balloon metaphor so please stay with me…

I have no set time schedule but there are things to get done so I can get flying higher each and every day. And I’d like to have some smooth sailing later on so I’d better get focused, buckle down, think outside the box, keep my chin up…

A couple more clichés and I’ll stop. Let me just remind you, especially if you’re feeling crunched for time or behind the game, there are no limits except the ones we put on ourselves.

So don’t focus on your age or ‘number’, focus on the dream! And use all the experiences you’ve had to let this magical decade to get you there.

What’s your focus lately?  I’d love to hear – please comment!

2 thoughts on “Blowing Hot Air and Other Cliches For Your Thirties

  1. I’m in my 30s, and did the whole college/craziness/drinking on days off only to spend my day off having to sleep off my heartache, now I just quit my stressful job at a nursing home and am volunteering at my church, starting to lead a bible study tomorrow, and have been taking this Body and Soul total fitness class. I’m 33 and I’m into more serious, mature (if anyone can really say that) things… but thats me; oh ya, and making mt 30s my best decade EVER!


  2. Sounds like you’re finding what really matters to you- what a brave step you made! Best of luck with you Bible study tomorrow and your whole new adventure!


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