The Law of Attraction

A few weeks ago I talked about the books on my nightstand, but I realize I left out something else very important that I also keep there – my tablet.  Right now I’m so addicted to watching inspirational videos before I fall asleep and my secret hope is that they will subliminally propel me towards success with little to no effort by the power of my subconscious mind alone. I’ll keep you posted…

Everyone has heard of The Secret and that’s a great place to start for motivation and learning about The Law of Attraction, but it’s only part of what’s out there. If you like The Secret, I suggest you research some of the teachers a little further – Lisa Nicholls, John Assaraf, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield all have their own individual messages about success and achieving your goal and they’ve each got some great ideas.

Another related series is called, simply, The Law of Attraction, which is facilitated by Abraham Hicks. You might expect to see a bearded, sage-like man in a brown robe. Instead you’ll find a rather well-dressed, middle-aged woman with a cute, crooked smile, referring to herself as “we”.

The premise is that Esther Hicks is meditating and channeling “source energy” which she has named, for lack of a better word, ‘Abraham’. It seems a little far out there and it is as weird as it sounds but somehow the messages she or “they” convey are not only motivating and informative, but witty and completely fascinating. Even more fascinating is how well the messages are articulated and they easily resonate with you. Honestly, the fact that the messages are so clear and so powerful is what will give you goosebumps – even more than the fact that this woman is claiming to be possessed by a walking, talking universal energy.

I recommend at least a look, for interest sake and, of course, if you’re in need of more guidance for getting what you want and achieving all your goals.

I know that sometimes we fall into the trap of thinking that we’re all grown up and we don’t need anyone else’s help. Sometimes I think that just because I can decide to eat my dessert first and dress myself most days it makes me a fully functional adult.   But it’s a whole new ballgame when you become a real grown-up and it’s not realistic to think that you’ll ‘just know’ how to create the life you want.

We also have to remember that it’s possible that in our thirties we need more help than ever, and just because I am the go-to guy for all that is success in your thirties (haha), doesn’t mean I don’t get advice, instruction and motivation from anywhere I can.

Hope you enjoy the recommendation and, as always, let me know what you think!

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