How To Have Thanksgiving Every Day and Not Gain a Single Pound

This weekend is Thanksgiving here in Canada but instead of being with my family I will be trekking the Adirondack mountains enjoying the fall scenery and keeping a lookout for bear scat. I have a family who understands that this is important to me and will save me some stuffing.

Of course Thanksgiving is the time we should remember all of our blessings in life and be grateful for all we have but it should also remind us to try to be grateful every day.

Everyone from Deepak Chopra to Maya Angelou says that gratitude is an important key to achieving all your dreams.

My favourite quote about gratitude is a simple one. It comes from Meister Eckhart, the German theologian (I am grateful for Wikipedia, by the way, because I had no idea who he was).

“If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough.”

What this means to me is that gratitude is so basic but without it you have no hope of receiving any answers to any prayers, no realization of any dream.

For us Canadians, we are reminded to think of all we are grateful for this weekend. American readers, well, you have about a month to think of something good to say at the table. Still, I challenge all of use to begin now to be reflect on what we are grateful for every day so we can be sure to achieve everything we have our hearts set on.

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada and Happy Columbus Day, America!

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