Retire at 40!

Last week I talked about being too old for starting new things. This week I realized that the opposite is a popular excuse as well:  

I’m too young to have RRSPs or care about my pension plan. I’m definitely too young to think about retirement.

In our thirties, it may seem like being fifty or sixty is a long way away, but there’s no harm in planning for it, is there? With more and more companies cutting back on pensions or scrapping pension plans altogether, it’s worth putting your serious hat on for a moment.

Most of us think of the average age of retirement to be sixty or sixty-five but so many people are creating plans to retire at fifty and even forty!

Check out this couple who retired at forty.

Retirement at forty might seem unrealistic for you but I think it’s worth looking into – you’re never too old or too young to know your options and imagine freedom from work,  great abundance, and long-lasting happiness in the near future.

Just something to chew on!

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