The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I’m proud to announce that I’ve been nominated for a “Very Inspiring Blogger” Award.  To accept the award and post the pic on my site I must do the following:

1)  Thank and link to the person who nominated me.

Big thank you to Anthony who nominated me.  He writes Today’s Perfect Moment – a relaxing daily read in support of mindfulness.

Today’s Perfect Moment

2)  Share seven facts about myself

I’m an English teacher by day and freelance writer by night and weekend.  I love sports, gardening, and playing guitar and ukulele.  I live in beautiful Toronto, Canada with my husband and two dogs.

3)  Reveal 15 more blogs that I follow

15 is a lot.  I think I follow maybe 5 religiously and then there are others I check from time to time.  Sometimes I wish there were more hours in the day to read everything on Freshly Pressed!

–1.  Biking In A Big City

I like this blog because there are great stories but also updates on bike trails and cool places to go on your bike in Toronto.

–2.  World Organic News.

Great source for several article links every day.  From seed trading to water conservation, there’s always something that tickles my green thumb.

–3. Wine Is My Life

I think the title says it all…but one of the biggest reasons I would recommend this particular wine blog is that it is updated frequently and the reviews are short and clear.

–4. Torontobaobao’s Lenses

Another local love of mine.  Cute photos of my city coupled with quirky commentary.

–5  Today’s Perfect Moment 

Great blog and thanks again!


There are a number of blogs on success, goal-making, aging and health out there but I don’t follow any of them particularly. I usually just look for articles in Freshly Pressed.  


I also like to check out blogs by teenagers. Teens LOVE to talk about their plans in life so I like to keep a pulse on how they think to keep my own progress in perspective. 

 I know I’ve fallen quite short of 15 but I hope I can still fly the award flag on my site this week.  Thanks again to all my readers and I hope I will continue to inspire 🙂  

I’d love to hear your favourite blogs too and any suggestions you have to help boost my list.

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