Five Simple Steps to Being Thirty

There’s actually a Wikihow page on how to accept being thirty.  It’s a five-step process, apparently.

If you’ve been a loyal follower of this blog then first, I truly thank you.  Secondly, you know that this is complete crap.  Being thirty isn’t something you can sum up into five steps – maybe you even know this without reading my blog…

Sure it’s fun to consider the list which, by the way, culminates in step five: “Don’t worry, 30 is the new 20!” (urgghhh!)  But there are so many more steps and paths to achieving thirties greatness that can be seriously explored, considered and shared.

That’s what my current research project is based on – finding some basic steps that we all have followed to becoming great in our thirties or forties and passing on this complex wisdom to the next flailing generation.  

But just for fun, what would your Five Steps to Achieving Greatness in Your Thirties be?  I’d love to hear your ideas- funny, serious, dark or deep.  Who knows?  I might really like them and credit you in the final e-book!

Check out the Wiki page and then take a stab at it for yourself!



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