Why I Blog

By my thirties I thought that I would be successful beyond my wildest dreams, living the high life. I had no idea how to make that happen, but I was confident that it would. Into my late twenties, most things had worked out or fallen into my lap. I had been pretty lucky.

When I turned thirty I started to notice that those lucky breaks weren’t happening anymore. Things that I wanted took a lot more work and planning.

Before I got too discouraged I had to force myself to admit that the things I wanted in my twenties – finish university, buy a car, have a boyfriend – weren’t really big ticket items. At thirty, when my desires were more about fulfillment, joy, personal growth and success, I had to take a breath and actually figure out a plan. Fast. I certainly didn’t want to plan and plan until there was no time to actually accomplish anything until forty.

Why had I been so sure that attaining these things would be easy?

I started this blog as a place to write. To be the writer I’ve always wanted to be, I knew I needed practice.

I kept going because being thirty isn’t easy and it’s a fun topic.

The main reason I write now, which actually has evolved since I started, is that I want to encourage everyone to plan more carefully and think more about the important things in life before you get discouraged – before you think it’s too late.

So that’s why I write – for you and for me. And this is why I’m doing a further research project.

I love reading about aging, life stages and cycles, personal growth and success, but I’m ready to hear some first-hand accounts and add my own spin to the pile of information that’s out there.

I’m still just getting started so bear with me. While I’m working away, here’s some food for thought:

I asked my mom a while back, “When I was little, what did you think I would be when I grew up?”

“Exactly what you are, I think. Some kind of writer or something,” she said.

I was a little disappointed at first by such a boring response, but now I’m pretty happy that I seem to be doing what I’m meant to be doing.

Try it with your own folks and see what they have to say. Post your answers in Comments when you do!

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