How To Heal A Setback

One day this week I was lazing around, sprained ankle up with the ice pack and reciting the old acronym, RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation). RICE has long been a comfort for me through so many injuries.  Surely this clever and easy-to-remember acronym was developed to keep you calm when an injury occurs. I wondered: would it be possible that RICE could work for other setbacks as well?


So I stopped counting the spikes in the stucco for a moment to dream up a new way to use the acronym for everyday problems that I hope will be a comfort to you in the future.


R would stand for RELAX.

Everyone knows that becoming frustrated and punching the wall is no solution. Usually the situation just gets worse. Ever had one of those days when you’re late for work and then the whole day continues to spiral out of control?  What if we took twenty seconds we didn’t think we had to just breathe, relax, and remember that we can only get there when we get there.  We probably wouldn’t wear our slippers out the door or catch our sleeve on the railing.


I would stand for INVESTIGATE.

You’re not the first person to experience your exact problem. If it’s too personal, Google it, of course. But don’t rule out friends and family as great sources of input. One thing they’ve got that Google doesn’t is first-hand knowledge about you. A good friend or family member can take your personality into account when giving advice or providing guidance.


C would stand for CONCEIVE

Someone’s advice will strike a chord. You’ll know in your heart what you want to do. The next step is to plan. See how the solution will look and imagine how you might do it.  Be free to daydream a little about your action plan and how it will feel when you’re putting this downturn in the past.


E…I’m torn between ESTABLISH and EXECUTE

You have a plan, now give it a try. It may not be the perfect solution but often, once we have a plan and take a even a baby step of action, we feel a lot better. Many times, it’s during this smaller action plan that we find that greater, perfect solution and can truly begin to put the crisis behind us.

For anyone experiencing a downturn right now, I hope this acronym can help you even the slightest bit. Please let me know if you had any success with the new RICE method.


Best of luck on your journey!


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