What To Do If You Lose Momentum



A group of my friends recently decided to get together and play soccer on Fridays after work. I’ve never really liked the sport but I love the idea of being active with my friends. And by ‘being active’, I mean going out for drinks afterward…

Surprisingly, a couple weeks in, I started to really like it and found yet another reason to look forward to Fridays.

A couple more weeks in, surprisingly, I sprained my ankle. A couple of the guys helped me get my lame ass off the field and my leg elevated. We got the ice and beer on it right away. It wasn’t too painful, thankfully,unless you count the emotional damage.

Image (Yes, this is my actual ankle, two days later)

From what the trusty online doctors tell me, I probably have a good two months before I’m completely healed.  All summer?!  

Just when I was having a good time; just when I had a good momentum going, Wham!  Benched at the start of the season.


Even if WebMD is wrong, my rhythm has been be lost; progress has been slowed. And don’t even get me started on how the FIFA World Cup is throwing this in my face every chance it gets. Every screen in the city taunts me. Every fan in a soccer jersey is a reminder that I was cut down in my prime.

But this setback has forced me to be creative. I still go on Fridays with my friends, ankle wrapped up tight, practice the drills.  I even played keeper for the first time – but no serious play.

When I think about why this happened I wonder if maybe the universe saw me getting ahead of myself. Maybe I needed to slow down, grasp the basics a little better, take a look around and enjoy the sport – not just the competition.

The hard part is that I have to try to remember this in other areas of my life as well. I hope the metaphor can work for you too. Just because we’re blocked or suffer a downturn, doesn’t mean all momentum has to be lost.  Maybe it’s a good time to slow down and evaluate your goals. Or, it could be a great opportunity to dig our heels (or ankles) in and get creative.

Have you ever thought you lost your momentum? How did you recover? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Play safe!



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