Real Thirty-Somethings Do Yoga


If you’re in your thirties or over, you probably remember when yoga was ‘the new thing’. I’m sure many of us thought it was a fad that would fade as soon as Drew Barrymore and Woody Harrelson moved on from Zen Buddhism – But boy were we wrong!

I still remember this girl I went to high school with telling me that she was becoming a yogi. Really?  I didn’t even know you could do that. Don’t you have to be Indian or related to Gandhi or the Dali Lama or something?

Today, yoga is so commonplace that even my seventy-five-year-old grandmother does it. Men and women of all ages are toting mats around the city in the latest coolest sling bags and waitresses everywhere are swearing by the butt-assisting, double-duty comfort of Lulumon pants.

I try an do a little bit of yoga each week even if it’s on my own with a free twelve minute podcast.  It’s so easy to find something that works for you because there are so many kinds. I can tell you that my winter-worshipping Canadian butt won’t be sweating it out in hot yoga.  People tell me you get an awesome ‘high’ afterward but I know I would lose any sense of my adult self in there. I’d be like a chubby kid in gym class –  mouth wide open, knuckles dragging. Not my thing.

I did yoga for kids once with my little cousins. The teacher told everyone to sit like a triangle and flap your ‘wings’ like a butterfly. Curl up into a hedgehog and then uncurl yourself and grow and stretch like a beautiful blooming flower and reach for the rainbows.

That I could handle.

My point is that yoga is here to stay, and for good reasons that we’ve all heard. Increased flexibility, detoxification, stress release, endorphin release, clarity and focus. And if that weren’t enough for you tough guys, yoga helps to prevent serious sports injuries. You must have heard by now that tons of sports teams and pro athletes incorporate yoga into their regimen, including Shaquile O’Neal,  Evan Longoria and even Kevin Garnett, who is featured in the book Real Men Do Yoga.

I saved the best part for last. Yoga keeps us young. Some say that yoga can lessen the depth of wrinkles as it helps keep the skin taught. The stress releasing aspect of yoga helps us to fight damage from free radicals – another wrinkle-maker.  Just something to keep in mind in case you were feeling a little run down this week.

If you decide to give it a try, please comment. I’d love to hear how it goes!



4 thoughts on “Real Thirty-Somethings Do Yoga

  1. I’m taking 2 classes a week and am doing light stretching and conscience breathing days not attending. Since my way reduced work schedule beginning April due to budget cuts I have found yoga to keep my mind off of it.


  2. Sorry to hear the not-so-great news on the work front, triumphs! My ‘day job’ gets to me too but I agree that yoga helps me keep my mind off the negative. Stay positive – I’m sure something even better for you is on its way!


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