When Mistakes Happen


                                                                         We all know that mistakes happen  and we all know that we’re not supposed to dwell on them – easier said than done, right?  Today I misread a text message for a meet up at 11:30 (I thought it said 1:30 and we missed the show). Tickets were wasted, people were upset, I was upset with myself and almost lost the whole day thinking the whole day was ruined because of it.

My mind has been reeling all day trying to find the reason that this happened and I can’t see it. Why did this happen? Why can’t I just go back in time and fix it? This is probably the most frustrating thing about making mistakes. We can’t really fix them, only learn from them, hopefully.

Today, instead of doing the thing that I was looking forward to all week my husband and I made our way to several optical stores to find him some new glasses. We eventually found a nice pair and I spent about an hour wandering around Target while he had his eyes examined – a pretty sad consolation prize to my original plans, I must say.

Sure, we got the glasses and then we had dinner together and watched a movie, but I am still guilt-ridden and baffled by my mistake. I have no idea what the lesson could be here: Check text messages more closely? Be more diligent with eye-wear upkeep? Be thankful for Target?

The closest I think I can come to a rational answer is that it’s important to remember that mistakes happen but we can’t dwell on them. There was nothing I could do – I missed the time and made a mistake. Dwelling on it could have ruined my day completely but instead we were productive and still had a great day together.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one.  See anything I missed?


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