Why Wishing Winter Away Is A Bad Idea

ImageEveryone’s talking about the ‘forever winter’ we’re having and wishing for spring and summer to hurry the heck up.  As I said before, I’m still enjoying the cool days but only in the hopes that maybe we can skip the yucky part of spring when it’s rainy and damp and get right to the good stuff – perfectly warm days, flowers popping their heads up and confidently wearing nice shoes that won’t get covered in mud or salt stains by the time I get to work.

But wishing time away is probably not a great idea. This is where so many experts tell us that the good stuff really is. The part that’s difficult is where learning and growth happens. In springtime this is quite literal, but it’s true for success as well. Sure, it would be great if we never had to pay our dues, make cold calls or schmooze at networking events. But we’d miss out on so many learning opportunities and then we probably wouldn’t have the experience needed to be good at a high level when we get there.

Imagine this: One day you’re setting up your business, maybe designing your website. The next day you’re in front of a large group of big-time investors. Would you really be ready for it? Would you have all the bugs of your speech worked out or your business plan crystal clear? Probably not.

Having goals and wanting to achieve them is great but remember that the journey is necessary and part of the experience. If we woke up tomorrow to a heat wave it would feel much more unbearable than if we gradually reached the hottest part of the year. So, bring on the muddy springs and let’s splash in the puddles of paying our dues. These need to be seen as an important part of getting to something better– not just yucky, wasted time.


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