Define Your Range: Stretch and Impress

We’ve officially “sprung forward” though it doesn’t feel much like spring here in Toronto as the temperatures are to be well below zero this week. No matter, I love winter and snow, and yes, I even love the minus forty temperatures. I think it’s awesome that I live in a place that can get so cold and I can survive it! Even more amazing is that in the summer, we sometimes see temperatures of above forty Celsius. A pretty impressive range, I’d say.Image

Other impressive ranges come from singers like Mariah Carey or Georgia Brown, the world record holder for her eight octave vocal range. I get goosebumps every time I hear her. Michael Jordan dazzled us by stretching his athletic abilities onto the baseball field. He may have been mocked for his decision at the time, but how many people can say they’ve played two sports at the professional level? We are, sadly, captivated at how the Kardashians push through the regular limitations of stardom and manage to maintain celebrity status by not doing anything. On a more uplifting note, we are mesmerized by the monarch butterflies that migrate more than four thousand kilometers from Canada to Mexico and back every year.

It’s inspiring when you stretch your boundaries and go beyond your limits. In business this could mean that you have clients ranging from small businesses to large corporations. If you’re a teacher this could mean teaching a variety of subjects or grade levels. As a writer I like to think that this means I can write on more diverse topics, even those foreign to me. As a thirty-something I think it means taking everything learned thus far and pushing onward to bigger things – maybe to things you didn’t think you would do until your forties. You’ve got thirty plus years for a range of experience. How far can you push those boundaries to make your thirties your best decade so far?

 How do you define your range?  How can you push past your limits an increase it?

Please share your thoughts!  

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