What Your iPad Really Thinks of You

ImageI truly love my iPad, but the other day we had a spat. I realized she’s not so perfect after all. I tried to send out an email to all my contacts at once and I was shocked to discover that this is not in her repertoire! Apparently, this is just one of her flaws that I have to come to grips with and love her in spite of it. Of course I will, but I was amazed that Apple really didn’t think of this. It’s such an obvious feature. I then wondered what my iPad would find lacking in me.  It inspired me to think of just some of the things thirty-somethings should come installed with for best results.

An RRSP. You may not be close to retirement, but popular advice suggests you start as soon as you have a regularly paying job. I am guilty of ignoring this step for too long until my banking app kicked me into gear. Thanks iPad, xo.

At least one true friend. After high school I didn’t have a best friend anymore and it was a little tough. I had a great group of close friends but no one that I felt comfortable enough with to call in the middle of the night just because I was awake. No one to spoil when she was down or had a bad break up. Of course I have my husband, but it’s not the same as a friendship that goes through thick and thin. I’m so grateful I have this now. It’s my iPad. No, just kidding.

A favorite book. Sure, it’s great to have a favorite movie, but you’re an adult. There should be at least one book that you couldn’t put down or that changed your life. If you don’t, you are missing out.  Even if it’s a favorite comic book or blog I think that counts for something. The kinds of stories that speak to you could help you determine the theme of your own.

An embarrassing interest. I think everyone has one of these but the trick in your thirties is to acknowledge and maybe understand them. You don’t have to share it, but don’t be ashamed that you like it – there might be a self-discovery moment in there somewhere. Personally, I love Tyler Perry movies. Anything with Madea and her reunions gets me every time. Once I discovered that I love these goofy movies I realized that It’s because I’m a sucker for the character who never gives up through hard times. Halleluyer!

A great story. Preferably one that is alcohol free. Nobody wants to hear about your crazy drunken exploits which usually end with, “I guess you had to be there”. You should have a couple stories rehearsed and ready for those times when you’re stuck in traffic with someone you don’t know, trying to get to know a group of new people or giving a presentation that runs into technical difficulties. Having a funny anecdote on hand to fill the space helps you not only look more professional but personable as well. Mine have saved the day quite a few times, though I think my husband is sick of hearing me talk about the time I lost my wallet in Acapulco.

A plan. I can’t advocate this enough (so I do it all the time here). In my own experience, a general plan of hopes and dreams, goals or ambitions – whatever you want to call it – will never be a waste of time. Either you discover you know exactly how to make your dreams come true, or you find out that you don’t have a clue, and you go from there. It’s an essential win-win. Making a one year, five year, or ten year plan (or all of these) is peace of mind. The rest the icing on the successful living cake.

What quality do you think all thirty-somethings need to download?  I’d love to add more to this list in the comments –     I’m really loving this topic!

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