5 Surprising Ways The Olympics Can Inspire You


The Olympics are known to inspire new athletes, but if, like me, you are well past your prime for making your debut on the speed skating track, what else can you take away from the games?

National pride

This one is a no-brainer but did you ever think of what a social advantage this is? You don’t have to consider that someone may not be a fan of the sports you enjoy, you can stick to bonding over “your athletes”. What a great talking point for meeting new people, making new connections and creating a general good feeling on a long elevator ride or on a stuck subway. So, are you watching the Olympics?


There’s nothing more shaming than someone your age who is giving their all to their sport when you’re not at all enthusiastic about your job. If your sport is marketing or IT or engineering, is there an award you can strive for? Could you make one? If you have that go-getter attitude or you’re looking to get recognized at work, why not organize an “Office Olympics”? And then go kick butt in your event!

Travel Options

By now everyone has heard of the less than ideal accommodations in Sochi. I don’t think this inspires too many of us to go there. But as I was watching the opening ceremonies I saw so many athletes from tropical countries and I was reminded that some of these places have mountains! In Chile, for example, I could snowboard the Andes and kayak the Pacific Ocean in the same trip, satisfying one of the dreams on my bucket list.


Among taking the stairs and riding your bike to work, a fitness blog (which will remain nameless because I am about to make fun of it) suggested that you could start doing squats while you wait for the bus. Can you even imagine this? If I saw someone doing squats at my stop, I think I might walk to the next one. If I were the bus driver, I couldn’t promise that I’d stop.

Stairs and bikes are great, but let’s not get crazy. After you’ve watched The Games all day, maybe do more than just wish for a great body. Make a goal to be active each day, or each week to start. In truth, I realize that this may not be a “surprising” thing you can take away from The Games but I think we can be reminded that it could be a good time to start. And, no – hurdling down the local hill, head-first on your child’s toboggan doesn’t count.


The Olympics are every four years – every two years if we get technical. Why not use this as your own personal signpost or check point? Get a picture of your favourite athlete and remind yourself that this person is constantly in training to get to the next Olympics. Use these games as a start to something new in your life and train for it and see how far you are in four years. Are you a champion? Are you on your way? It may seem corny, but I have to admit that sports metaphors really work for me. If it’s not your thing, maybe now’s the time to find out what it is that really inspires you!

Enjoy and be inspired by The Games.  And…Go Canada Go!

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