A Magic Recipe for Your Thirties?

I’m always looking to find the magic recipe for doing your thirties well (and definitely better than I did my twenties).Today I thought I’d share my compilation of some things I’ve discovered so far and I’ll work to add to this list in the coming year.Feel free to send me your ideas or tell me what you think!

Be prepared. Or better, don’t be shocked by surprises.

I write about this one a lot because it’s something I struggle with. I keep trying to find the balance between planning for life but also rolling with the punches when my plan is derailed.

What I’ve learned or what advice I can give is still in progress. At the moment I just try to plan clearly but also try to see more than one possible outcome.


Lower your expectations.

Throughout my twenties I had a pretty clear picture of what my life would look like. When I turned thirty I was almost shocked that this reality didn’t manifest overnight from 29 to 30. This is what caused a little bit of a tailspin. And by tailspin I mean ‘drinking binge’.

If I had known that my plan I had for myself in my thirties might only take about a year and a half more I would have avoided the hangover. However, it was a learning experience. First, I learned that there is such thing as a two-day hangover. Second, I learned that, in the future, I shouldn’t expect overnight miracles.


Love is more important than…

In my twenties I put love on the back-burner. I took it for granted because I always had it. I think your thirties show you that love and relationships are more complicated that f*** friends.

For me, I’ve realized that I don’t just have a husband, I have a GREAT husband. I have to remember to tell him that more often…

Also, family has becomes important because, finally, after I’ve now  moved out can I have this perspective. I’ve also learned that the holidays with my extended family is a welcome reprieve rather than an inconvenience while I finish my last term paper.


Laugh at and admit your mistakes.

It’s all about the learning process.




Say Sorry…and mean it.


Moisturize. The sooner, the better.

As I said, this list is a work in progress but it’s a start for lessons that I wish I could whisper in the ear of my younger self.

I’m sure there’ll be lots of stuff I’ll want to add to this list in the years to come but I think it’s a good start. I find it comforting to have discovered a few things already and I love that I can use this as words to live by in the meantime.


2016 Update: Since this post was written, I have indeed added to this list. I’d love to share this expanded list and more great tips for your thirties with YOU. Check out ashewoodward.com and sign up for the Being Thirties newsletter!

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