One of a Kind Inspiration

This past weekend I went to Toronto’s One of a Kind Show. I had never been before and I’m so happy I got to go because I got some great Christmas gifts for people that are usually hard to buy for – that means you, Dad.

But beyond all the amazing displays and unique buys it was the artists in the booths that most impressed me. Everyone was so passionate about their work and they were so eager to share their stories and creative processes. One woman told me about a cow hide she hand-picked in Paris that took her a year to actually cut, dye bright fuchsia and make it into a purse because it was so beautiful (I’m glad she did because the final product was gorgeous…I even went back to visit it one more time before I left).

Unlike other events that are businesses or gimmicky products, this show is full of artists and the creativity in the room got my fingers itching to get home and work on a couple short stories I’ve been putting off (hence the late blog post this week…).

Walking around the event I realized that how each artist had made a very brave choice one day. They took a leap of faith and said, “Okay. I’m going to make hand-crafted salt and pepper shakers that knock your socks off. That’s how I’ll make a living. That’s the passion of my life.” Some of them said “baby booties” or “Christmas stockings out of my ex’s old ties” or “purses out of old bicycle tire inner tubes” but it’s the same idea. And they made living out your dreams look easy.

It has taken me more than thirty years to realize that I love writing and that I am finally going to make a go of it. I’m not quite sure yet what topics I want to cover (aside from this blog) and I feel pangs of jealousy when I see people working within one passion and making it.  But I have also decided to use this as pure inspiration and motivation to get my goals crisp and clear.  As 2013 comes to a close it’s time to re-evaluate and dream up some new ideas and goals and be one of those people that makes living an awesome artist’s life look easy.

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