Would you go back?

ImageA couple of posts ago I proposed that our fashion choices shouldn’t be limited because of our age. It got me thinking about the motivation behind dressing younger. Obviously it is a way of capturing youth or appearing youthful, but since listing all the great things about being thirty I have to say, I have no intentions or wishes to go back to that age.

As a teenager I felt tired all the time. I was moody, angry, and I would shave my head just to get it all out. My hair, if I had any at the time, was always a different colour because life was boring. No responsibilities may sound wonderful, but when you think about it, it’s kind of dull. The worst part was having no freedom. I wanted away from my parents as soon as possible. I now live ten minutes away from my mom and I miss her now that she’s on vacation all the time, living the semi-retired life. It’s amazing how our hormones can get the better of us.

What if we entertain the idea of being twenty-five or twenty-eight again – that’s perfect, right? Just before thirty again – a little more time to get everything sorted before true adulthood. But would we? Or would we do exactly the same thing we did at the time – idle. I know that’s what I did.

Thirty wouldn’t have been the shock that it was if I hadn’t spent my twenties thinking everything would magically click into place by my thirtieth birthday. And now it’s the pressure of being in my thirties that has kick-started my career, my life and my happiness.

So, even if Doc pulled up in the DeLorean, I wouldn’t go back. And, what’s more is that I don’t want to look like I’m there. I want to be part of the decade where things happen, get put into place and I become who I am really meant to be. Don’t get me wrong, my twenties were great, but a lot of the time, I felt lost and incapable. It’s a much greater feeling when you start to feel like an adult and realize you’re going to depend on yourself. Maybe some of you got there in your twenties and that’s great. I hope that for everyone. But for me it has been my thirties that have shook me in bad ways and good and have motivated me to work harder to get what I want out of life.

A final note on the fashion. I’m sure we’ve all checked out someone from behind, thinking he or she is your age, only to be ridiculously confused and disappointed when they turn around. Don’t be that guy or girl. Be proud of any age you are and do your best to live it to the fullest. And if you ever envy anyone who is younger, remember that you’ve already been there and they will one day be where you are, if they’re lucky.

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