Woah, Baby!

I will never be too old for Halloween.  I love all of it.  I love tossing around ideas for costumes in my head, finding all the pieces in second-hand stores, the parties, the candy (oooh, the perfect little chocolate bars), and then watching zombie movies at the end of the night.

One thing that worries me:  I was at the costume store and I found myself wanting to buy baby costumes.  I have no children or any intentions of having them, but when I see those teeny dragon costumes, I feel my uterus skip a beat.

Similarly, The Boston Red Sox Store sent me a catalogue of gifts to give with the World Series ’13 logo on them.  This included adorable onesies adorned with a plushie World Series trophy.   It’s not fair.  They are super-cute and not having children shouldn’t stop me from having all the merch I want.

But also, just because Boston won the Series doesn’t mean I should want to have children.  It’s irrational, I know.  I am about 95 percent sure I don’t want children but, at this age, it’s something that fluctuates day-to-day.  Apparently it’s exceptionally higher when my team wins the World Series and it almost coincides with Halloween.

Solution? Dote more on the costumed children that come to my door and seriously consider becoming a Chicago Cubs fan to avoid all this emotional hassle.

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