Taking Rachel’s Advice

Rachel Green’s realization that she needed a plan in the Friends episode I mentioned a few posts ago got me thinking about plans and goals. I have my new action plan for being a writer but I went in search of some old goal lists that I have around to check out what I used to want. I knew they would be strewn with rock star plans and then dreams of academia so I wanted to read them to test out how I feel about those things now. Maybe I had accomplished some of the smaller ones and the bigger goals will give me a chuckle.

Luckily, I have always been a writer and I kept goal list throughout high school and university. In my high school “lyrics” book (my rock start fantasy phase), I listed “play a gig.” There’s a pink, highlighter check mark beside this one and that made me smile.  I have played guitar and bass in front of numerous people and one show with a punk band when I was seventeen. I’ve never had a paying gig but I don’t have a desire for this anymore. I think a new goal for music is to play ukulele at an open mike night.

In my university diary I had a detailed list of how I would become a professor – a year-by-year plan. It also includes “be published before I’m thirty.” Sorry, twenty-two-year-old self, but I’m working on it.

I found it interesting that I never included get married on any list. That one was a surprise. A great surprise. I think that was the point of this for me – to remember that as much as you try to plan, there’s always a chance your goals will change, not happen for a better reason, or your achievements will be better than you could have imagined on any list.

Dare to look back, and if you don’t have lists, start a new one. I like to keep mine in my phone so I can review it when I’m bored or waiting for my dinner partner to get back to the table.

I’d love to hear your comments on new goals you’ve made or old goals you’ve changed!


One thought on “Taking Rachel’s Advice

  1. Like your blog, getting old isn’t so bad…wait till you hit the big nickel like I just did…..and, you start to realize that “you can’t sweat the small stuff” and, in a strange way, you just really don’t give a s*** about things the way you used to in your thirties… but….
    plans are good……makes plans and stick to them even if the six-month screenplay plan turns into the twenty-six year screenplay plan…



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