The One Where They All Turn 30


Last week I finally found a used copy of Friends, Season 7 on DVD. I’ve had most of the seasons for a few years now but could never find Season 7 for a good price, or at all. I started watching it this weekend only to see that the episode, “The One Where They All Turn Thirty” is in it. What are the chances? Well, I think they’re pretty good, now that I have opened the door to this conversation everything to do with turning thirty is entering my life.

In the episode, Rachel freaks out because she feels she hasn’t accomplished enough by thirty and isn’t sure if she’s on track. She cries when Chandler’s card calls her a grandma because she isn’t married and has no children. She finally calms down when she realizes, “All I need is a plan.” This realization that takes her two minutes off-screen to figure out took me two and a half months. Ahh, the magic of television…

Luckily, the message is the same. If you are looking towards your thirties, focus on your plan. Stay the course or change it – quickly. A solid plan, goals list, and maybe an indulgent day in front of the television with your favourite thirty-somethings will all help to whip you into shape and make your thirties everything you dreamed of.

Though it’s embarrassing to admit, I watched the full season in a weekend, I will say that I found comfort in the fact that by the end, (though we don’t find out until Season 8) Rachel is pregnant – exactly what she dreamed of on her thirtieth birthday.

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