Looking Thirty



I have been building a website recently (staying young in technology years…). I’ve done it before when I had my own hypnosis practice, but this time I’m using a different platform so I’m still getting used to it. You would think that a website for hypnosis would be more difficult to build with authority since there are so many skeptics, but I’m actually finding the opposite. It’s been difficult promote myself as a new writer since I don’t have a lot of samples – I’m new!

Of course I had the same problem with the hypnosis site (and the business in general) because people were a little leery of hypnosis and even more so of a twenty-six-year-old trying to convince you of her skills. I had professional photos done at the time which I thought made me look older but I was always nervous about presenting myself to my mostly middle-aged clients.

Now I’m in a similar predicament. I want to have a professional site where businesses can see my work and a picture of me, but I look young, and I can’t seem to find the look I want in a photo. In June I went to a baseball game and they asked me for my id! They say they “card” under 25, but still. I don’t mean to brag because it is great to look youthful, but not as fun to look young.

What do you think about this picture? I’d love to hear what you think? Do I look like a writer of professional copy and articles or a recent graduate bound to make rookie mistakes?

Looking forward to your comments and suggestions.


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